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Boost your influential power and exceed your sales goals.

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Discover the techniques, strategies and secrets of the world's top salespeople and leaders

The power of persuasion is the most valuable skill you can possess. Why? Because it is the difference between massive success and major failure – in both business and your personal life. Mastering influence and persuasion is not just about saying or doing the right things. It’s also about getting to know the person you’re trying to persuade and finding out what incites him or her to take action. This program will teach you that when you really get to know your customer, you can tap into the source of what earns their trust.

Persuasion is how to get exactly what you want – it’s how you turn objections into opportunities. Mastering Influence helps you understand why someone does, or doesn’t, want to buy. Once you understand the psychology behind selling, you can put negotiations in your favor, while also building lifelong partnerships of mutual benefits. Not only will you shatter your sales goals, but you’ll earn a reputation as someone who can be trusted to always do what’s right for your customers.

Do you want to be influential? An achiever? A person of action, not just words? Then Mastering Influence is for you. Stop waiting for your life to begin and take steps to make your goals a reality. With this program, you'll learn how to close the deal, receive the funding or clinch the merger.
Tony designed this dynamic system to give anyone the skills to be influential, to persuade others. In this 10-day course, you’ll learn the techniques, strategies and secrets of the world’s top salespeople and leaders – principles that Tony uses every single day.
In our ever-evolving world, the power of influence is what keeps you ahead of your competition. Learn invaluable tips on Mastering Influence. Master your influence with this risk-free opportunity and start beating your competition today.

Empower yourself for change

What truly motivates potential buyers – and how to leverage that to close the deal

Key closing strategies used by top executives and business leaders

The secrets to consistently exceeding your sales goals

The proven strategies used by global business leaders to persuade their audience

How to create enduring, mutually beneficial relationships with colleagues and clients

How mastering influence is about helping others in order to help yourself

“Everything you strive to achieve comes from your ability to master the power of extraordinary influence.”

Tony Robbins

Course breakdown

  • Day 1

    Commitment: Your Greatest Power

    Begin your journey but understanding the process of true mastery, and learn how to get the most out of this program.

  • Day 2

    The Science of Persuasion: Why We Buy

    Learn the different types of pressure and forces of motivation, then be introduced to the science of persuasion and the tools of influence.

  • Day 3

    The Difference Between Success and Failure

    Why do some people succeed where others fail? Discover how to take control of your destiny and get the end result you want. Discover the strategy of genuine connection and how it can be used to close deals.

  • Day 4

    Engage! Three Steps to Quality Contact

    Make every interaction you have with your audience is as engaging as possible with effective and meaningful contact.

  • Day 5

    Connect & Create Interest

    Identify key factors that cause people to connect on a genuine level and how to apply those to your sales strategies.

  • Day 6

    Enroll! How to Qualify and Discover Your Client’s Buying Strategies

    Learn the the most common mistakes made by those in sales, and how to avoid them. Find out why selling can be a painful process for many – but how it can be easy for you.

  • Day 7

    Create Conviction & Test Close

    Find out the importance of a “test close” in the selling process, and understand why this tactic is a key element of sales success and mastering influence.

  • Day 8

    Compel! Make it Real and Assume the Sale

    Turn any objection, no matter how strong, into a solid commitment. Learn how to make the process easy and how to build a future with your client for recurring revenue.

  • Day 9

    Convert Objection into Commitments

    By expanding on the previous day’s learnings, you’ll gain complete control of the #1 thing sales leaders fear most – the objection.

  • Day 10

    Make it Easy & Create a Future

    After the sale, the job doesn’t end. Learn the importance of relationship-building, and get actionable steps to increase referrals from your network.

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Boost your influential power and exceed your sales goals.

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