Defy the limitations of your past and your culture to demonstrate who you really are.

– Anthony Robbins

The Difference that Makes the Difference

Harness the Power of Momentum to Change Your Life Now

What is the difference between those who succeed — who thrive mentally, emotionally, physically and financially, even in the most difficult times — and those who are suffering? Successful individuals take a different quality of action. They have a different quality of thinking and emotion that guides their actions and gets them to follow through. They question how to get motivated. They feed their minds with the best-quality personal development products, tools, strategies, information and inspiration available. Most of all, they are hungry. They never stop. Their focus is on how to create and maintain momentum. With that kind of drive, they will always succeed.

Extraordinary lives—lives of joy, impact, achievement, contribution, and distinction—are achieved not by willpower or mere “motivation,” but by accessing the tools and information that will give you the true competitive edge. But where do such driven individuals find the highest quality tools and strategies that are the best food for their hungry minds?

For over 30 years the best in the world have all sought the coaching of one man: Anthony Robbins.

Tony Robbins’ audio and video systems are the best-selling personal and professional achievement programs in history. Why? Because they work. More than 40 million Personal Power audios have been distributed worldwide. These programs are successfully used by people in more than 100 countries. Many of these individuals achieve levels of success that few would ever dare imagine. Others turn to Anthony Robbins’ self improvement products when they are at the threshold of ultimate pain, and with his help, they find a way to not only turn things around but to emerge victorious, stronger than before.

What do all these different people from over 100 countries have in common? An incredible passion for life, and a hunger and a commitment to never settle for less than they can be. They want more: more for their families, their communities, themselves, and all those they have the privilege to touch. They are compelled to search out, find, and learn from the best. That same search has driven Anthony Robbins for 30-plus years—and it’s what drives you at the core if you’re reading this now.

If some of these values and standards reflect who you are — and who you are committed to becoming — then the personal development audio, self improvement books and many other personal development products of the Anthony Robbins Companies will feel like home.

Anthony Robbins’ products give you instant access to the same insights, tools and strategies that have guided leaders from every walk of life—those who have succeeded in entertainment, government, business, education, science, finance, medicine, and the arts—leaders who the best-of-the-best, making significant contributions and experiencing extraordinary fulfillment in the process.

Our personal development books and related products are based upon one fundamental premise: To achieve real, lasting, powerful results — to completely transform the quality of your life, now and forever — you must adopt new ways of thinking, feeling and acting. You need to listen to new voices; you must ask new questions; you must put yourself into new states of thinking and feeling. You must take new actions, get new results, and thereby gain new perspectives. The process of how to get motivated and what to do with that motivation looks like this:

Everyone has unlimited potential within themselves, but unless that potential is fed by the best beliefs, attitudes and resources, it remains untapped. Once you feed your mind and adopt new, empowering beliefs and attitudes, you will activate your potential for greater and greater results. When you put that potential to the test by taking consistent, powerful action, you will watch your results grow exponentially, which in turn increases the positive and powerful beliefs and attitudes you hold about yourself and your ability to succeed. These new beliefs and attitudes will unleash even more of your potential, leading to better actions, better results, and on and on. This spiral of success builds incredible momentum. It will allow you to compress decades of effort into months, even days. And very soon you’ll find that the goals you considered merely dreams are now your daily reality. Wondering how to get motivated to lose weight, or how to get motivated to exercise? The answers are within your reach.

But to build and maintain momentum, you must relentlessly seek out and model the strategies, techniques, beliefs, tools and ideas of the best of the best, and then you must continually put into practice what you have learned about how to get and stay motivated. You must combine the highest standards with the firmest beliefs and the greatest commitment to consistent action. And for that, you need someone who has walked the path of success and who can share with you the secrets of creating and sustaining massive results. You need a mentor who will be with you every step of the way, encouraging you and helping you to find the inner drive that will keep you racing toward your goals no matter what.

Let Tony Robbins be your coach, mentor, personal trainer, and guide as you transform your life.

Choose any one of our wide range of products and give it a try. In less time than you might expect, you’ll discover yourself thinking, feeling, and acting differently. You’ll produce results that you couldn’t imagine yourself attaining, and you’ll discover the power of momentum in your own life. Listening to Tony, you feel as if you have a friend who knows you better than you know yourself, who sees more greatness and potential in you than you ever thought possible, and who inspires, leads, and pushes you to create the outstanding life you desire and so richly deserve.

There’s no risk to you, because every program comes with its own money-back guarantee; this is how much we believe in our programs and how certain we are you’ll produce the results you desire if you implement the strategies you learn.

Give us a week—while you’re running, on your way to work, or in your home—and let Tony Robbins coach you to engage the power of momentum to transform your life.

  • No matter how successful you are, no matter how many great things are going on in your life, there’s always something that you can improve upon in your life. And Tony Robbins can help you do that. He gives you the tools you need. When you apply those tools then you’ll see results.

    Brett Ratner,

    Action Film Director,
    X-Men, Rush Hour

    *Results obtained vary, and specific outcomes may not occur

  • What Tony really gave me, a kid sitting on Venice beach selling T-shirts, was to take risks, take actions, and really become something.

    Mark Burnett,

    Executive Producer, Survivor

    *Results obtained vary, and specific outcomes may not occur

  • You can’t afford not to know what Anthony Robbins is teaching!

    Ken Blanchard,

    New York Times Bestselling
    Author, The One Minute Manager

    *Results obtained vary, and specific outcomes may not occur

  • For the past 20 years I have listened to Anthony Robbins’ tapes and attended his seminars, which have helped me immensly. I have become more financially secure, have paid off debts, purchased a couple homes and have become one of the top producers in my company. I have also improved my health by quitting drinking and smoking – I am now running marathons and losing weight!

    Nancy Blaha

    *Results obtained vary, and specific outcomes may not occur

  • Get the Edge is an instruction program for life success. We should all be given a copy at birth!

    Andrew Jones,

    Podiatrist, Waikato Podiatry Clinic,
    New Zealand

    *Results obtained vary, and specific outcomes may not occur

    *These testimonials are from individual experiences, reflecting real life experiences of those who have used our products and/or services. However, they are individual results and results do vary and specific outcomes may not occur. Robbins Research International, Inc. (“RRI”) does not claim that they are typical results that consumers generally will achieve. The testimonials are not necessarily representative of all of those who will use our products and/or services.

Accessing the proven resources for massively accelerating the achievement and fulfillment in your life doesn’t have to take any extra time.

By simply using the time already available to you—while you’re driving, working out, cleaning, or doing chores—you can take advantage of the small, potent distinctions and strategies that can make all the difference in producing real results in your life.