Business coaching vs. consulting

Whether you’ve been in your chosen field for five years or 20 years, sometimes you come face-to-face with professional issues you feel you can’t solve on your own. Has your company had a difficult time hiring the right people? Have you stopped growing your revenue? Whether you’ve hit a major roadblock, or have simply plateaued, sometimes the best thing to do is bring in a professional for help.

The question then becomes, Do you bring in a business consultant or a business coach? Before you make that decision, you should learn a bit more about what each of these professionals offer.

What is a business consultant?


A business consultant is someone who specializes in one or several areas of business. For instance, if your company is having trouble managing its finances, you would bring in a business consultant who is expertly trained in accounting or bringing in revenue, depending on your issue. They would then work externally to offer a solution for you and your business to fix its financial troubles. Working with a business consultant can be useful, but there are added benefits to working with a business coach.

What is a business coach?

Business coaches provide custom, comprehensive advice to help you reach your specific business goals. A business coach works with you to identify your specific goals, calls out anything standing in the way of your success and then creates a personalized plan meant to lead you and your brand toward success. Great coaches will also point out ways to track and measure your progress along the way, leading you to take effective steps and recognize what strategies are and aren’t working.

what is a business coach

Tony Robbins Business Coaching

Tony Robbins 1:1 Business Coaches work directly with you to offer and execute custom guidance for your business. These coaches not only have effective advice and actionable strategies to offer you and your team, but they’ve already achieved success themselves. Here’s what a Business Coach can help you do.

  • Refine leadership skills: What many people don’t realize is that leaders are built, not born. No matter what leadership style you relate to, a coach will help you realize and refine your leadership skills. During this process, you’ll gain confidence in your ability to lead a team and become better able to manage those around you.
  • Build trust: What could you accomplish if your team trusted you more? A Business Coach can help you identify ways to strengthen the bonds between you and the people you work with.
  • Create raving fans: Your company relies on raving external fans, your customers, to stay in business. But it also relies on an internal raving fan culture, your employees, to remain viable. Learn how to create raving fans with the help of a Business Coach.
  • Identify and meet your goals: Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, a coach will help you to identify and meet your business goals. By getting clear on your business’ purpose and identifying potential roadblocks, you’ll be able to make more progress than ever before.
After coaching

You might be thinking that working with a coach sounds great, but what happens once your time together is done? With Tony Robbins Business Coaches, your partnership is only the beginning. The aim of a coach isn’t to give you partial information or make you bound to them­ – it’s to empower you with the knowledge and tools you need to continue making progress after your time with your coach has ended.

After working with a coach, you’ll have the skills and strategies to propel you, your team and your entire business forward.