True leaders know that they can’t always solve problems on their own. Sometimes, you’ll come face-to-face with one of these in your professional life. It happens to everyone, whether you’ve been in your chosen field for years or for decades.

For instance, are you struggling to hire the right people? Or has revenue stopped growing? Whether you hit a major roadblock or growth has simply plateaued, the issue isn’t that you have an obstacle – what matters is if you know how to navigate it.

The top performers in any industry know when to seek external support for issues. Acknowledging the need for an outside opinion is a necessary skill for those seeking continued growth. Once you’ve concluded that additional support is needed, the question is: do you bring in a business consultant or a business coach? Before making that decision, it’s important to know the differences between business coaching and consulting services.

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What are the Differences Between Business Coaching vs Consulting?

When it comes to coaching vs consulting, there are a few main differences. Coaches provide a system designed to consistently achieve business goals that can apply to multiple situations, whereas a consultant might only solve one specific problem or situation.

There is a time and a place for both coaching and consulting in the business world. While the two may sound similar, they have some significant differences. Let’s talk about coaching vs consulting and how you know which service fits your needs best.


What is a Business Consultant?

A business consultant specializes in one or several areas of business. For instance, if your company needs help managing its finances, you would bring in a business consultant who is expertly trained in accounting or revenue management, depending on your issue. They would then work externally to offer a solution for you and your business to fix its financial troubles.

Working with a business consultant can be especially helpful when they have expertise in the one area where you’re experiencing problems.

While working with a business consultant can absolutely help you solve specific issues, there’s another option when it comes to searching for general guidance or overall support: business coaches.


A business coach is a qualified expert who helps you create a system of consistently achieving your business goals. By offering a fresh, outside perspective on your challenges and struggles, they can then suggest strategies to overcome those struggles and help you achieve results.

As you implement their suggested strategies, they are also there to hold you accountable and keep you on task. Great coaches will also illuminate ways to track and measure your progress, leading you to take effective steps and recognize what strategies are and aren’t working.

Business coaches are great for companies as a whole but also work well for 1-on-1 guidance to overcome professional hurdles. Coaches provide tools and strategies you can apply repeatedly across multiple problems and scenarios.

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How to Grow with Business Coaching

Tony Robbins 1-on-1 Business Coaches work directly with you to offer and execute custom guidance for your business. These coaches not only have effective advice and actionable strategies for you and your team, but they’ve already achieved success themselves.

Leadership skills

Leaders aren’t born – they’re made by developing and strengthening leadership skills over time. Irrespective of your leadership style, a coach will help you realize and refine your leadership skills. During this process, you’ll gain confidence in leading a team and become better at managing those around you.

At the core of leadership is your ability to influence – both yourself and others. As Tony says, to influence someone, you must know what’s already influencing them. And the greatest leaders serve a vision that extends beyond themselves.

In other words, to influence others, you must step outside yourself. Great leaders get to know their team members and build upon foundational knowledge to find ways to influence them to succeed. After all, you can’t expect to lead a group of people if you don’t know what drives them.

Building Trust

Trust is a cornerstone of a team’s success. When people trust others they’re working with, it unlocks their capacity to contribute at a higher level. Imagine what you could accomplish if your team trusted you more. A Business Coach can help you identify ways to strengthen the bonds between you and the people you work with.

Creating a Raving Fan Culture

The businesses that last inspire raving fan customers who can’t help but tell others about your products or services. But it doesn’t end there – an internal raving fan culture (e.g., your employees) is also critical for long term success in business. To dominate in business, you’ll need both. Creating a raving fan culture requires you to do more for your clients, colleagues or customers than anyone else in the marketplace. You’re there to serve them and a business coach is an invaluable tool to create raving fans.

Identify and Meet Your Business Goals

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, a coach will help you to identify and meet your business goals. By getting clear on your business’ purpose and identifying potential roadblocks, you’ll be able to make more progress than ever before.

For a business to succeed, it needs a business plan. But in a world that’s rapidly changing with competition popping up everywhere, you need more than a business plan – you need a business M.A.P.  A M.A.P. is a massive action plan that provides multiple pathways to success, giving business leaders the flexibility they need when the market calls for pivoting.

Elevate Your Business with the Help of Business Coaching and Consulting Services

The benefits of business coaching and consulting don’t necessarily stop after your time together is up. With Tony Robbins Business Coaches, your partnership is only the beginning.

As you start implementing new strategies in your business, the results will compound over time­ – and you’ll be empowered with the knowledge, tools, and a system that helps you consistently reach your greatest business goals.

By working with a coach, you’ll have the skills and strategies to propel you, your team and your entire business forward.


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