Date with Destiny 2014

Florida | December 10-15, 2014

What is Date With Destiny?

Tony at DWDClick PLAY to hear how I created DWD out of a need that I had personally.


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Master University Brochure CoverClick Here to Download Mastery University BrochureAt Tony Robbins’ Date With Destiny, you will become the architect of your future. By gaining a clear and deep understanding of why you think, feel and behave the way you do, you will take control of the forces that drive you.

Tony’s strategies are powerful, proven and transformative. Using these strategies, you will begin making your ultimate visions — for your life, work, finances, health and relationships — a reality.

Over five and a half days, you will:

  • Take control of your decisions, because decisions shape our destiny.
  • Uncover the forces that influence every thought, emotion and action of your life, and take ownership of them.
  • Master the tools to create the ultimate relationships with your spouse, your family, your children and your colleagues.
  • Learn to stop sabotaging yourself and take effective action that will lead to your ultimate goals.
  • Discover your true purpose and reconnect with your deepest desires.
  • Develop a step-by-step process for aligning your beliefs, values and experiences in a way that pulls you in the direction of your ultimate vision.

Our grads moved heaven and earth to attend Date With Destiny for a reason: It’s a course in breakthroughs. Say yes to achieving your ultimate future, today.

If you’re not completely satisfied with this program, we offer a 100% Risk Free Satisfaction Guarantee.

Why Date With Destiny?

Dear Friend,

Date With Destiny is my favorite event, and one I designed out of absolute necessity.

I was at a moment in my life when I thought I was about to lose everything. I needed an event so profound, so powerful that it could change the quality and the direction of my life — and yours — forever.

Imagine a life that you control completely, a life that gives you exactly what you want from it, and more. A life in which you refuse to settle. A life in which you don’t surrender to the forces around you, but drive your future in the direction you desire and deserve.

Date With Destiny can give you this life. It’s for people who know there’s more: more to give, more to grow, more of life to experience. It’s for those who don’t settle. It’s for people who refuse to believe their environment controls where they’re going.

Are you one of those people?

Over five and a half days, you will design, create and shape the direction for the rest of your life. You will uncover your authentic self. Through concrete tools and strategies, will discover the forces that drive you, and learn how to take hold of the reigns — whether it’s in your relationships, your career, your finances, your spirit or your health.

This is not for people who lean on excuses. Date With Destiny serves people who are the best in the world and looking for the edge — and people who know they’re extraordinary, but don’t yet have the results to match. Here with me, you will achieve a life that’s meaningful, that’s fulfilling, and that’s filled with passion. You’ll also have fun.

I designed this event so you could design your destiny.

Join me in this place of grace — we do it just twice a year, and only 3,000 people get the chance to experience it.

Feeling inspired? That’s a start, but not enough. This moment will never be here again, so grab it and act on it. Feelings drift away, but actions define a new life.

Choose now.

To your breakthrough,

Anthony Robbins

Agenda & Sessions

  • How To Prepare for Massive Change

    – Your Unique Model of the World: The driving forces in your life – The Triad: Three forces that shape all human emotions and behavior – The science of the six human needs – The power of choice

  • How to Evaluate Your Current Approach

    – The Power of Virtues: Valuing the empowering emotions already inside of you – Primary Questions: The principle pattern that shapes your life – The power of incantations – Your present values and rules – How you view the world – Global metaphors we live by – Goal-Setting: How to create a compelling future

  • How to Revolutionize Your Relationships

    – The keys to outstanding relationships – Differences in masculine and feminine energy – How to create your vision of an extraordinary relationship – What makes a relationship work (versus pure passion)

  • How to Embrace Your Transformation

    – Create your new, empowering values and rules – Craft your mission statement for a life of purpose

  • How to Embody Your Destiny and Chart Your Course for Greatness

    – Make changes that last – Integrate your emotional transformation with your life at the deepest level

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“I’ve been overweight my entire life and I can truly say that I’ve tried every diet and exercise plan you can imagine but I was never able to uncover what was really holding me back until Date With Destiny. After my breakthroughs there, I lost 54 pounds in less than three months. Again, this is after a life of trying everything. Today, I’m 85 pounds lighter and I’m more happy than I’ve ever been in my entire life.”
Christopher Jennings, Marketing strategist, New Jersey

“Date With Destiny should be required to get a marriage license in every state.”
Renee Fishman, Real estate broker, New York

“Date With Destiny saved our relationship. We’d fallen into a pattern of frustration and resentment; our intimacy was dead. If you would have said that a couple of days in a seminar would reinvent our relationship and bring real sensuous passion back I would of said you’re crazy. Today our love is like newlyweds and we’ve been together 12 years.”
Joshua Hesse, Entrepreneur, Tennessee

“Wow! After completing Date With Destiny I have set up and developed my own company. DWD filled me with energy, passion and the momentum to get out of my comfort zone and live my dream. At 53, I am living my life’s purpose and the ripples of this are going wide and far! Go to this event. Don’t hesitate. You owe it to yourself, your family and those lives you touch on a daily basis. Your life will never be the same again — mine certainly isn’t!”
Siobhan Heaney, United Kingdom

“Date With Destiny is where I made the decision to simply be happy and grateful no matter what my external circumstances. I can honestly say that now I am happier and more connected with my friends and family then I have ever been in my entire life. The openness I felt in my heart after finally deciding to put certain things down, represents by far one of the single greatest moments of my life.”
Frantz Alphnose, Entrepreneur, Florida

“If I had known how much Date With Destiny would do for me, I would gladly have paid double the amount to go.”
Ariane de Bonvoisin, Consultant, London

“The first Date With Destiny I attended, I was 45 pounds heavier than I am now. I was using tobacco for 27 years and was in denial in a lot of aspects of my life, basically wasting my life away. Immediately after attending Date With Destiny, I quit tobacco and never looked back.”
Dean Eakin, Contractor, Florida

“The strategies, the tools, the relationship day alone — how are you supposed to go through life not knowing that stuff?”
Charles Lightfoot, Engineer, California

Risk-Free Satisfaction GuaranteeBBB Rating A+

Risk-Free Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are unable to attend for any reason, you may have someone substitute for your participation in the program. Call the Robbins Research International, Inc. (RRI) Customer Service Department at least 10 days prior to the event to transfer your enrollment. A $75 fee will apply. Transferred and complimentary tickets are not eligible.

If you are unable to attend and do not wish to substitute, contact our Customer Service Department. We will convert your enrollment to a non-refundable credit that you may apply toward any future Robbins Research International, Inc. event for up to one full year from your original event date. Some restrictions apply.

A complimentary enrollment is valid for the event date listed in the electronic confirmation only and is non-refundable/non-transferable. The Anthony Robbins Coaching Bonus of the Behavioral Assessment is not available to complimentary event participants at any seating level.

If after attending the first half of the program, you are not completely satisfied, please contact one of our Customer Service Representatives during the Day 2 afternoon meal break at the event. Refunds are authorized at the event only. You must have attended the event up until the Day 2 afternoon meal break and request your refund at the Customer Service Desk during the Day 2 afternoon meal break. At your option, we will apply your tuition to any Robbins Research International, Inc. event, or send you a full refund. Simply turn in your workbook and name badge to an Anthony Robbins Customer Service Representative at the Customer Service Desk. Complimentary enrollments are not eligible for refund.