Platinum Partnership

Your Most Exclusive Opportunity with Tony Robbins

platinum partnership

The Tony Robbins Platinum Partnership is an exclusive opportunity designed for those committed to living life at a level few may ever attain.

Limited to an exclusive group of serious players worldwide, the Platinum Partnership provides the unprecedented opportunity to network with and learn from Tony and master teachers from around the world, while traveling to some of the most spectacular destinations on earth.

Create the stories you will tell for a lifetime.

Members of the Tony Robbins Platinum Partnership receive exclusive invitations to up to three incredible adventures per year. Tony and Sage Robbins join the Platinum Partners on selected trips as they learn, network, and play in such diverse situations as a private palazzo in Venice, the cascading beaches of Bora Bora, a private session on top of the Great Wall of China, 100 mph boat races in South Beach, a private invitation to Scotland’s Skibo Castle and even camel riding through the Great Pyramids of Egypt.

There is no greater luxury than a life of adventure.

The Platinum Partnership is an exceptional, intimate tier of extraordinary people committed to reaching personal and professional achievement, and to giving back and sharing their good fortune with society.

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  • “I always have extremely high expectations for Tony’s events and somehow, he always delivers far beyond. The Platinum Partnership has been no different. The payback from the association with Tony and the incredible group of Partners is beyond measure.” Brad Adams Business Owner
  • “Almost overnight, I’ve added many new friends — people that I love and respect so much that they live in the special “best friends” room of my heart! From business strategies to personal insights to helping with housing for my daughter, I know I can count on my Platinum Partners for solutions! There is no group that can match you — what a joy and privilege to be with you!” Doug Johns Attorney
  • “Meeting my fellow Platinum Partners was everything I expected — maximum passion, ultimate energy and consummate friendship. I could not wish for a better experience. I am honored to be among these beautiful people.” Annie Rumsey Investor

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