Leadership: The Second Master Step

Get Leverage: Find Out What Makes Change A Must

Do your communication skills need an upgrade?
Donna Clark, 34, works for a small non-profit where everyone is required to wear many different hats. Routinely tasked outside of her job, she knows taking on extra responsibilities is a must to ensure healthy growth. However, by focusing solely on operations, Donna never developed the skills to properly empower her team and delegate tasks.

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Donna learned how to more effectively manage an ever-changing, dynamic environment — but what she didn’t anticipate was the powerful relevance of the Second Master Step…

Master Step #2: Connect & Get Leverage: Find Out What Makes Change A Must

  • Learn different leverage methods for different people— leverage is always contextual, even while working with the same person.
  • Find the leverage that satisfies the person’s specific needs, subjective model of the world and beliefs.
  • Leverage follows an immediate formula: pain if they don’t change, pleasure if they do.

Learn to approach leadership as service, rather than control and create a more powerful position of trust within your entire company or business. Don’t miss your one chance, this year, to become a truly effective leader.