Kenneth Scott

(858) 357-8379

As a Tony Robbins Personal Results Specialist, my mission is to inspire and empower individuals to unleash their full potential. I strive to be a catalyst for positive change in my line of work by supporting my clients in overcoming their limiting beliefs, discovering their true passions, and taking bold action toward their goals.

I specialize in personal growth strategies, mindset shifts, and goal-setting techniques to create personalized action plans tailored to each of my client’s individual needs. I recognize that each client is unique and requires specific strategies and techniques to achieve their goals. I create a safe space for clients to navigate their emotional obstacles, while also providing them with the tools they need to manage stress, enhance emotional well-being, and maintain a positive outlook.

My inspiration for becoming a coach arose after working with one of Tony Robbins’ top Results Coaches for a year. The experience left an immense impact on my life by teaching me the power of personal growth. The guidance, support, and accountability provided by my coach helped me to achieve goals that I had previously thought impossible.

I am originally from the San Francisco Bay area; however, I currently reside in Scottsdale, Arizona, where I spend my time enjoying the three most important aspects of my life: my family, religion, and empowering others.

Unleash the Power Within

Unleash the Power Within is a live 3 ½ day event with Tony Robbins designed to help you unlock and unleash the forces inside that can help you break through any limit and create the life you desire. Learn how you can surpass your own limitations to achieve your goals, improve the quality of your life and build lasting greatness. All you need is within you now. Connect with the people, the passion and the environment that will make it happen! One weekend can change everything.

Business Mastery

Over five days and nights, Business Mastery will help you understand the critical factors impacting your business right now, then refocus and realign with the business strategy and psychology you need for competing and innovating, in any economy.

Date With Destiny

Embark on a journey – 6 days LIVE with Tony in a supportive environment of total immersion! At Date With Destiny you won't simply discover who you are — you will decide and create your own life-changing experience. Connect with your ultimate purpose and ignite your passion to achieve the ultimate vision of your life, career, finances, health and relationships. You will gain a clear and deep understanding of what truly motivates you; thoughts, feelings and behaviors and build toward your own personal breakthrough.

Life and Wealth Mastery

Rejuvenate your soul, while nourishing your body and empowering your mind amidst an awe-inspiring tropical paradise. Life & Wealth Mastery unities highly motivated achievers with advanced instructors in finance, productivity and personal development to create a truly immersive, transformative experience unlike any traditional resort or vacation. This is no mere getaway — Life & Wealth Mastery is an experience with great purpose.

Leadership Academy

Leadership Academy provides you with 30 years of expertise in four powerful days of total immersion. Learn tools, strategies and secrets Tony Robbins consistently uses to create immediate impact and compel lasting, positive change in others. You will learn what motivates people, how to harness the power of influence in yourself and others to achieve a greater vision for mankind at every level. Imagine being capable to step into any situation and make a real difference in the quality of not only your life, but the lives of others. In times of uncertainty, crisis and change, the world needs skilled leaders like never before.