UPW eCourse Week 1

The Pyramid of Mastery

We’d like to take a moment to recognize you — for stepping up and demanding more from life by taking action!

Congratulations on embarking on your Unleash the Power Within experience! You’ve made your first breakthrough simply by shattering the hesitation and excuses preventing you from leaping forward and accomplishing real results.

As you begin to shape your massive plan of action over the next few weeks, we’ll be providing you with resources designed to help you create achievement and fulfillment in your life!

Allow us to introduce the Pyramid of Mastery:

More than a simple diagram, this visual map allows you to understand, at a glance, the seven areas of focus that comprise the totality of human experience. Deeper than that, the Pyramid of Mastery can help you identify the very areas where you will create greater results.

All seven areas of life are vital — but learning how to master your performance in each area will give you the extraordinary life you deserve.

Stay tuned over the next eight weeks as we walk you through the keys to mastering all seven levels.  Let’s get you into top gear for your incredible experience at Unleash the Power Within – where afterwards, life will never be the same.