UPW eCourse Week 3

Emotions & Meaning

Stop now and ask yourself — “How do I feel at this very moment?”

Your emotions are the most powerful driving force consistently and continually creating meaning in your life. Knowing and understanding this process is the beginning of how you will learn to harness their power to achieve what you desire. You can start taking complete and immediate control of your emotions and empower greater, more positive meanings, right this moment.

As Tony explains further in the video below, two distinct, but interdependent, forces serve to maximize the quality of your life — the first is meaning and the second is emotion. Combined, we can harness these forces into the essential, narrative theme defining the story of our lives. Is your story one of joy or anger? Are you the hero or the victim? You may not realize it, but we always have the power to choose the meanings we attach to our experiences.

Level Two of the Pyramid of Mastery is your emotions and meaning.

Our values are the emotional experiences that we believe are most important for us to either experience or avoid. What you value determines what you focus on.  Our values inform how we perceive events in our life and what emotional meaning we assign to everything that we do.

You have the power to determine what you feel about your life, people, money and health. You can either align with empowering emotions that propel you forward or disempowering emotions that hold you back.

Our feelings and emotions energize us to create the “emotional home” we all live in every day. At UPW, you’ll have the opportunity to create your ideal emotional home.  But you don’t have to wait.  Start being the master of your own empowering meaning today.  Make the choice to feel outstanding!  Make the choice to live life, and feel life, on your terms now.