Company holiday party: why have it?

It's an opportunity to show appreciation for your employees

An annual company holiday party is still a popular event among large and small organizations. According to one study, about 90% of companies throw a holiday party for their employees. It’s yet another way many companies show their appreciation for – and retain – their employees. With so much competition for “star players” and the ever-rising threat of a rival company poaching top talent, these types of perks help provide the glue that make a person want to stick with a company.

How a corporate holiday party can make your employees raving fans

Every business owner knows the value of creating raving fans out of their customers and clients. However, it’s just as important – if not more so – to turn your employees into raving fans of your business. When you take massive action to show your employees they matter to you on both a personal and a professional level, their loyalty increases. They start talking to others about how well they are being treated at work and the word spreads to others. Not only will this help your recruitment strategies, but it will also inevitably get back to your prospects and customers to drive more sales. 

Hosting a company holiday party is just one way to show your team you value the hard work they’ve put in all year and encourage them to take the time to celebrate all they’ve accomplished.

Showing appreciation at all levels with a corporate holiday party

A good holiday party, from employees’ perspectives, does one thing: it makes them feel appreciated. Quite often, there is a perception that personnel at the higher levels in an organization get perks that others might not, which make them stick with and feel appreciated by the company. But other employees, who are working more behind the scenes, also want to feel appreciated by their employer. The annual holiday party is one way to show that appreciation and let your entire team know they are integral to the success of your business.

Choosing the budget for your holiday party

The largest companies around – the Googles and GoDaddys of the world – have been known to throw extravagant holiday festivities, even renting stadiums to accommodate the massive amount of people they employ. These parties include gourmet food, great music and even better decor. They have the money to do it up big.

But even if your company is on the smaller side, you don’t have to go into debt to throw a great holiday party for your employees. A memorable company holiday party contains three important characteristics – atmosphere, decor and refreshments – without trying to cut corners. No matter how large or how small your holiday party is, if it contains those three characteristics and is carried out with a true spirit of giving, it is bound to be a great night that your employees will appreciate.

Getting employee buy-in for your company holiday party

What’s one of the best ways to ensure your holiday party is appreciated by all? Get your team involved in the planning process. When you ask them questions about what they’d most like included in the party and listen deeply to their answers, you show your team that you respect their opinions. Ask them the best dates for the party, keeping in mind that many of your employees may want to have it early or late to avoid conflicts with their family get-togethers. You can also ask them about who they want to invite, as some may appreciate having their families included while others want to keep it adults-only. When you use their suggestions to create a better company holiday party, they’ll be more likely to attend and have a great time.

In the end, a great company holiday party is not about the party itself – it’s a representation of what the employees mean to the organization. Just like we all wanted to hear praise and encouragement as a child, your employees need reinforcement that they are appreciated. Remember that a little effort can go a long way and that your main goal is to show that you’ve put thought and effort into the event, as it’s an opportunity to truly show how much you value your team.

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