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6 basic leadership qualities

Whether you lead a Fortune 500 company or simply lead yourself as you strive to attain your goals, leadership qualities are absolutely essential to your success. It helps you surmount obstacles, take risks, and find ways to live joyfully and thrive even during the most challenging times.

Don’t hold yourself back thinking that leadership is something you’re either born with or not. Leadership can be cultivated. Here are six basic leadership qualities that each of us should hone every day:

1. Be confident

More than half of human communication comes from non-verbal cues. Know how to set the right tone as a leader by letting your confidence show. Confident leaders win over their followers because everyone else wants to embody confidence too. Practice strong non-verbal communication by standing tall, making eye contact and learning to control your fidgeting.

2. Focus

Amazing leaders keep their eyes on the prize. They are very organized and plan well ahead while still remaining spontaneous enough to handle unexpected challenges. Like a grand master in a chess game, a leader thinks out each strategy and understands how each of his or her actions will affect the rest of any given scenario. Don’t lose sight of your end game by cultivating your ability to focus.

3. Be honest

Many people believe that successful business and political leaders are inherently dishonest, but the strongest leaders treat others just as they expect to be treated. The truth is that every single one of your followers looks to your own honesty and code of ethics to set his or her own bar. Make sure each member of your team or household knows what your culture and core expectations are, and show them how much you value honesty in your everyday interactions with others.

4. Positivity

Leaders have abundant positivity that energizes everyone around them. Choose positive beliefs that will propel you forward, not negative thinking that will weigh you down. When you practice positive thinking it becomes your powerful cognitive habit and allows you to reassure and motivate those around you.

5. Be decisive

Every single person in a leadership role of any kind has to make difficult decisions. The ability to be decisive can mean the difference between getting through tough times and folding under pressure. Making these kinds of calls doesn’t always make you will be well-loved, but when you use good judgment to make decisions, it will earn you the respect of others.

6. Inspire

One of the secrets to wild success is honing your leadership vision and communicating it to others. Inspiration is what pushes people to plow through difficult times — and to work on achieving their goals even when times are simple and undemanding. You define yourself with your identity, or in business, your brand. Refocus and sharpen your identity often so you will inspire those on your team.

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