Business Mastery II

BM II Virtual | Maximize Profits | September 13 - 17, 2024

Why Tony Robbins for Business?

Tony Robbins is a partner in 100+ companies with combined annual sales of more than $7 billion per year. His companies have more than 1,200 employees across eight sectors, including biotech, finance and non-profit.

Additionally, Tony Robbins has been recognized as one of the:

  • “Top 50 Business Intellectuals in the World” by Accenture
  • “Top Six Business Leaders in the World” by American Express
  • “Top 200 Business Gurus” by Harvard Business Review
  • “100 Most Powerful People in Global Finance” by Worth Magazine
  • “The CEO Whisperer” by Fortune Magazine

What Is Business Mastery II?

Business Mastery II is for those who know that no matter what, there is another level of scale, efficiency, freedom and success – and they won’t stop until they achieve it. During this event, participants will take part in interactive workshops to discover how to thrive in any economic climate while gaining the secrets and tools needed to excel in this new world.

Why Business Mastery II?

Business Mastery II is a 5-day premiere course designed to challenge you so that you walk away with a deep understanding of the complexities in your business and a comprehensive plan to revolutionize the way your company operates.

This advanced program includes a 5-day, immersive LIVE virtual event with Tony Robbins and experts in business, marketing and accounting who will share exactly what you need to know to skyrocket your results and achieve your next level.

This event is about rolling up your sleeves and attacking every aspect of your business in detail. If you are ready to accept the challenge that this economy has presented and claim your unfair advantage, then this program is for you.

The skills that you will learn through this innovative format will drive your business to a new dimension of success and profitability. Model and learn from Tony, his business partners and mentors — innovative leaders who have thrived even in the most challenging economic times.

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From high level updates to your financial process to on the ground tweaks to your value chain, Tony and his team of experts will help you workshop a specific, actionable and massively effective plan to explode your business growth.


White board your sales process with our expert team and specifically identify which 2MM shifts will result in geometric growth.


Get Tony’s tools to increase your confidence and results in business negotiations, close more deals with better margins and develop deeper business relationships to improve your bottom line.


We brought together an exclusive group of individuals who have devoted their time and energy to helping entrepreneurs.


Lead Speaker

Sara Blakely


Donald Miller




Todd Hartley


Jamie Kern Lima





Past Speaker


Past Speaker


Past Speaker


Past Speaker


Past Speaker


Past Speaker


Past Speaker


Past Speaker


Past Speaker

Tony Robbins ranks among the "Top 200 Business Gurus"

Harvard Business Review

Tony Robbins ranks as one of the "Top 50 Business Intellectuals in the World"


Tony Robbins named one of the top 6 advisors to help clients take their business to the next level

American Express

Business Mastery is where you take control of your business, massively increase profits, create sustainable growth and get your time back. All this, from world-leading experts in business, leadership, finance and marketing. In just 5 days. Can you afford NOT to be here?

Grow your business by 30-120%

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Daily Schedule


DATES: September 13- 17, 2024

This event is designed to be a fully immersive event that is just like Tony’s in-person events. To get the most out of your event, it is important that you block the event days to ensure you are focused and ready to experience your breakthrough! If you are in a different time zone, we recommend shifting your schedule on event week to be able to fully immerse yourself!

Event start times are subject to change, but the event will start at approximately 9:15 ET each day.


Your first step in attending your event will be your personalized virtual registration process. This is a required and important step for your event. There will be three (3) quick steps for virtual registration: 

1. Answer a few quick questions so Tony can help tailor the event to your needs! 
2. Sign a virtual waiver. 
3.  Tech Check. This is a required part of your registration when our team will help guide you on how to best interact during the event and make sure you are set up to make the most of your experience. Make sure you complete virtual registration using the device you plan to use during the event and remember, this will be a live process with one of our team members! 

We highly encourage you to register early to ensure you're set for Day 1 of the event. You’ll receive an email with instructions and a link to complete registration on prior to the event.

    After completing virtual registration, you will get access to your Event Dashboard. Your Event Dashboard is where you will access the event every day, interact with Tony's team throughout the event, get important event updates, access your Daily Worksheets and find additional event resources. You will get the link to your Event Dashboard after you’ve completed virtual registration!


  • Make sure you have the Zoom app downloaded on the device you’re using for the event.
  • After virtual registration, a button will appear on your Dashboard to join the Main Room. You will access the event each day using this button.
  • You can join from your phone or a tablet but we highly recommend a large screen – a laptop desktop or even better, your TV! THE BIGGER THE BETTER!
  • You can log in to your dashboard on up to three devices but you can only join the main room through one device.
  • As part of the event, there will be breakout exercises and team activities. Our team will automatically place you into a separate breakout Zoom room for these exercises and activities. If you have joined using a Chromebook or Chrome OS you will be unable to join breakout rooms and miss this integral part of the event. We highly encourage you not to use a Chromebook or Chrome OS for this event if possible.

    Before your event, we’ll be mailing you a box full of everything you need to elevate your experience and support your breakthroughs! This box will include your event manual, any materials you’ll need for event activities, along with some special goodies designed to amp up the fun and engagement throughout the event! Here is your daily checklist to maximize your event experience!

  • Strong internet access
  • A webcam
  • Pen & paper
  • Comfortable seat
  • A handy copy of your most recent tax return so you can create customized strategies for the growth of your business in real time!
  • Your Fillable Worksheets (accessed through your Event Dashboard which you will have access to after your virtual registration)
  • A space where you can close off noise, distractions, and light to be able to fully immerse in the process
  • Recommended: Tony and his team tested out some equipment to elevate your at-home experience even more. If you want to get the exact speakers and headphones that Tony believes is best for this event, you can click here for his full recommendation!

  • Please know that these are completely optional and your experience will be off the charts no matter what!


    Throughout the event, our team will be sending important updates and information through the Telegram app! We highly encourage you to follow the instructions below to download Telegram and join our Event Channel. There are no costs for downloading the app! To join, please complete the following steps:

    Download and install the Telegram App on the device you want to use to receive updates throughout the event. The Telegram App is available in The App Store and Google Play store, or you can simply use the links below:

  • Android:
  • iPhone/iPad:
  • PC Computer:
  • Enter your name and photo and decide if you want to sync your contacts.
    Once you have downloaded and installed Telegram on your device(s), use the link below to join the Business Mastery II Virtual group. If you want Telegram on more than one device, you MUST follow these instructions on EVERY device you plan to use. NOTE: You must have completed Steps 1 & 2 for the link below to work – if you have not downloaded the app, you will get an error message when you click on the link. 
    Business Mastery II September Virtual Telegram Channel: 



    You can join Tony Robbins in the studio LIVE through APPLAUSE.

    With the Tony Robbins Experience app YOU can express your emotions and reactions to Tony in real-time during the event with your smartphone or tablet. The more you click or shake your device: the louder it becomes in the studio for Tony!
    With the Tony Robbins Experience app YOU can express your emotions and reactions to Tony in real-time during the event with your smartphone or tablet. The more you click or shake your device: the louder it becomes in the studio for Tony!

    Here are instructions for downloading and setting up the app below.
    1. Open the app store on your mobile device and search for “Tony Robbins Experience”. There is a cost of $4.99.
    2. Once the app is downloaded, you will see 4 options for interacting with Tony when you open the app. Each interaction can be activated by tapping the buttons or by shaking your phone. The speaker icon will allow you to mute and unmute.

    *Please know that this is completely optional and your experience will be off the charts no matter what! This app is only available on mobile devices.


    We are shipping swag boxes with some fun items to keep you engaged throughout the event! We are mailing boxes to as many attendees as possible but we may face restrictions on our end with mailing to certain places. Don't worry though – we have created a digital swag box as well which will be accessible on your Event Dashboard after you’ve completed virtual registration! Please keep in mind that anyone joining you to watch on your same device will not receive a swag box – your ticket comes with one set of materials.


    A few rules on how to show up and get the most out of your Live Virtual Interactive Experience!

    WHAT TO EAT. There will be short breaks in the program but we recommend preparing your food, snacks and water in advance and keeping them close by so you don't miss any of the action. Be sure to stay hydrated!

    WHAT TO WEAR. Make sure to dress casually and comfortably throughout the event. Just like any of Tony’s in-person events you’ll be moving, dancing and jumping to stay in peak state!

    STAY ON SCHEDULE. This is not a regular virtual event, webinar or online summit. This is a live virtual experience, and you are an important part of it. Be sure to block off the time on your calendar and join us, on time, all days, all sessions.

    BE PRESENT AND REALLY LISTEN. Turn off electronics and make arrangements to minimize distractions. This is not the time to exercise your multitasking skills!

    WEBCAM ETIQUETTE. Turn your video on, so Tony can see you and feel your energy; this will make the virtual experience 10X more fun and valuable for you and for other attendees, too. Double-check your background and be aware of your surroundings.

    KEEP IT CLEAN. This goes for your personal event space (less clutter = more clarity) as well as your body! Eating healthy and getting plenty of rest during the event will allow you to be the best you each day, to absorb as much as possible. Keep snacks on hand, just as you would for an in-person event.

    MAKE ROOM FOR EXPANSION. Don’t just open your mind during speaker time. Join the breakout sessions and make time to connect with fellow attendees.

    NO RECORDINGS. Recording any portion of the event is prohibited in respect to all participants. Any live recordings will be removed.


    The Business Mastery II: Advanced Skills program will help you understand the critical factors impacting your business right now, then refocus and realign with the business strategy and psychology you need for competing and innovating, in any economy.


    Business Mastery II is an advanced program includes a 5 day immersive LIVE virtual event with Tony Robbins and experts in business, marketing and accounting who will share exactly what you need to know to skyrocket your results and achieve your next level.

    • May 17- 21, 2024

      • Maximize Profits – Take control of negotiation and finances

      • Optimize Sales & Revenue – Strategies for Geometric Growth

      • 6 60-minute Mastermind Group Coaching sessions: Accelerate your path to implementation and success

      • PLUS get Tony’s Mastering Influence Audio Program on the Breakthrough App


    In order to maximize your Business Mastery experience, it is important that you:


    • Show up on time
    • Play full out
    • Bring your team with you so you are able to implement a cultural shift company-wide
    • Bring a printed copy of your most recent tax return or financial statement. Working with your own real numbers will help you create customized strategies for the growth of your business.
    • We have incorporated time in the program for you to partake in a mid-day snack break.

    frequently asked questions

    How much is the event?

    Price points vary depending on participation. Programs you may have already completed, the number of people in your group, seating type, and timing of purchase determine this. Please contact a Business Mastery II Representative at 1-866-696-0679 to learn more about Business Mastery II program pricing.

    I want to bring associates or vendors I work with. Is there a discounted rate? Group rates?

    We have discounted rates for business owners, entrepreneurs and executives who’d like to bring a team with them. The number of attendees and the time of purchase will impact group pricing. Please contact a Business Mastery II Representative at 1-866-696-0679 for group discounts.

    What is the breakdown of each day? Can I get a copy of the curriculum?

    Unfortunately, the curriculum will not be distributed in advance. Tony is a firm believer in “full immersion.” Business Mastery II will be a deep dive into your business where you learn advanced strategies that will get you to the next level. At the end of your Business Mastery II program, you will be a master of Tony’s 7 Forces of Business Mastery.

    What is the Million Dollar Money Back Guarantee?

    If after the FULL FIRST day of Business Mastery II you don’t feel that you have received $1 million dollars of value, we will refund you for the full ticket price.

    Will Tony be there in person? Is he speaking every day of the event?

    You better believe he will be there! Tony is the main speaker and will be on stage and fully in action every single day. We also have influential guest speakers, so you’ll also hear from some of the best and most brilliant in business.

    How long is the event? How many hours per day are we in session?

    A traditional Business Mastery II event is five days of full immersion. Tony is an “outcome” driven individual–what this means is that each day, programming will go as late and long as is necessary to meet the group’s outcomes!

    Do I need to attend other events before attending Business Mastery II? Are there any prerequisites?

    Business Mastery II is open to Business Mastery graduates and Business Owners.

    Is there upgraded seating?

    Yes! If you’re interested in upgrading your seat(s), make sure to speak with a Business Mastery II Representative at 1-866-696-0679 for details.