Date With Destiny

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In-Person & Virtual

Create the life according to your terms

Dive deep into the patterns that are holding you back, ignite your motivation, and build momentum towards the life of your dreams.

Dec 6 - 11, 2024
PlaceWest Palm, FL

Reconfigure your mind, redesign your reality

Backed by science

A study from the Snyder Lab of Genetics at Stanford University revealed lasting benefits for the attendees of the Date With Destiny event, including:


increase in positive emotions such as life satisfaction, inner strength, and well-being one month after the event.


reduction of negative emotions such as loneliness, sadness, anger, and stress one month after the event.


reduction in anxiety during the COVID pandemic compared to a 28% increase in participants not involved in events.

Key benefits

Build your plan

  • Learn who you really are

    Understand the forces that drive you and rewrite the rulebook for your life.

  • Discover your why

    Find the meaningful purpose that guides your life.

  • Shatter old patterns

    Identify what holds you back and create new patterns that propel you forward.

  • Get the tools to thrive

    Transform your biggest challenges into opportunities for lasting happiness.

  • Align with your true self

    Let go of the past and take massive action toward what lights you up.

  • Claim your destiny

    Feel what it’s like to live your new reality with clarity and passion.

Stop living life on autopilot

Our beliefs, values, and norms control how we think, feel, and behave. Most of us never choose our controlling forces — we accept those that were given to us.

This is your chance to create your life, your way.


A life of changes in just 6 days

  • Day 1

    Start your journey

    Understand what shapes all of your decisions, what holds you back and the formula that creates lasting happiness and fulfillment.

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  • Day 2

    Understand what’s impacting you

    Evaluate the root cause of your behavior and understand how different sources of influence can be shifted to create the life you want.

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  • Day 3

    Discover your drivers

    Discover the beliefs, values and rules that control your actions and behaviors in every moment to consciously direct your reality.

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  • Day 4

    Reinvigorate your relationships

    Create a vision and map for the next 12, 24 and 36 months and learn how to create an extraordinary relationship from Tony and Sage.

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  • Day 5

    Choose your destiny

    Consciously decide what your new destiny will be with a workshop designed to align your beliefs, values and rules with your vision and purpose.

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  • Day 6

    Set off on your new path

    Start to live every day with incredible clarity and passion as you solidify your new destiny and create your ideal reality.

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Experience the event that changes lives forever

Gain incredible clarity on what has created and continues to shape the life you live and apply powerful strategies and tools to change what no longer serves you forever. In just six days, you will have a clear path to building the life you love.

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Your destiny is your decision

Participate in this six-day transformative event in person or from anywhere in the world.

Look at what others are saying

"You are only going to become more of the beautiful amazing human being that you were born."

Melissa & Linda, Singer & Actress

"It's going to give you a power of life that you have never experienced..."

Julia, Spokesperson

"Having one dream is no longer in my life. I now have millions of dreams."

Jordan, Cancer Survivor

"Tony being able to completely reconstruct my beliefs has really changed my life."

Gabe, Ex-military

"My favorite thing of this event has been connecting with people..."

Amir, Fitness Trainer
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Date With Destiny

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Date With Destiny

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Lasting Passion

Date With Destiny Speakers

Our expert speakers are handpicked to inspire and empower you to embrace your ultimate destiny.