How Tony Robbins will “live” forever

Tony Robbins and Peter Diamandis on continuing consciousness with A.I.

The following is an excerpt from an interview between Tony Robbins and Peter Diamandis, founder and executive chairman of the XPRIZE Foundation.

Peter Diamandis: If you have an extra 40 years to your life, what do think of doing with that?

Tony Robbins: More kids. I’d do more family, more kids because I love family. But I think that what it really does is – you know, I’m working right now on my A.I. because I’m hoping that all of this comes through, and it seems really great. But also, you can walk across the street and get killed tomorrow, right? So I want my consciousness to continue, regardless. And the A.I. we’ve got right now – I just got back from Serbia. They did eight million images of me in Serbia. The highest resolution that exists in the world.

PD: I went and met with Bill at the facility.

TR: Oh, you met with Bill? You saw?

PD: I saw the videos, I saw the – yeah, amazing.

TR: But what’s really amazing is most of these things are just really scripted right now. They’re bots, right?

PD: Yeah.

TR: We actually, because every intervention I’ve done, since I was like 24, has been captured, on audio or video, and I’m so disciplined I recap afterwards what I did, and why I did it. And all A.I. is, is machine learning to get all those distinctions, and the database we have is larger than anything in this category. So it already, first of all, can do my voice perfectly.

PD: Yeah.

TR: Like when I did Money: Master the Game, Simon & Schuster wanted me to read the whole book in a week. 760 pages. Like dude, you know –

PD: Not going to happen.

TR: I don’t care how much money you’re offering me, I can’t do that. But I wanted people to hear my voice so I did the first chapter and last chapter. But now, my A.I. – my wife can’t tell it’s not me. I mean my A.I. can read that whole book. I don’t have to go to the studio, which is cool. And I can speak in languages where you see me visually and it’s me talking with my intensity, directly – not through a translator.

PD: Right.

TR: Through the language.

PD: Portuguese.

TR: And then the best part is to be able to help millions of people, individuals, and millions of locations simultaneously without me having to physically do it 24/7/365. And so, this thing can already read your face emotionally because of the FACS tools. Right?

PD: Yeah.

TR:  I’m pretty good. But they can go, look – 20% excitement, 30% anxiety, and in real-time it does that right now! It looks at you and as you speak it prints out what you’re saying, and I listen for the words people use to know what metaphors, what they’re really experiencing, what they’re really feeling, the way they organize their thoughts. It does that. There are a series of patterns I have around needs and values that once I know what they are, I know the best way to communicate with you. It’s measured. When people speak, all of that floats above their head at me. Well, this actually does it in the A.I. This is what we already have.

TR: So I look at the first version as Pong.

PD: Yes.

TR: But these guys are blowing me away. They’re way ahead of it. So I want to live as long as I can, but I want to make sure that even if I don’t, you know. If something ever happens, God forbid, if I get hit by a truck, that the impact of what I’ve been able to learn from so many beautiful souls, and shoulder I stand on, that I can pass that on – even when I’m not here. For my family, for my friends, and for those that I don’t even get to know that I get to serve.

PD: Love you, brother.

TR: Love you too, man. Great to see you again.

PD: You too.


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