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The biggest resource we take for granted

Water — it’s the world’s most basic and precious resource. From our inception, we’re encapsulated in it — in our mother’s womb. And after our birth, we can’t go longer than 72 hours without it. Yet, many people on this planet don’t have access to clean, fresh water on a daily basis — 783 million to be exact. In rural, disparaged parts of the world, when water is available, oftentimes its quality is fit not for human consumption. Still, with no other choice, many drink it. And that contributes to one child dying every 90 seconds from a water-related disease.

It’s easy to take clean water for granted. Most of us can turn on our faucets and have perfectly drinkable water in an instant. The “others” seem so far away, off in remote parts of the world dealing with issues we don’t have to think about on a daily basis. But, some of today’s leaders, including Tony Robbins, have decidedly taken on this challenge by donating their own personal finances to a water company called Spring Health in order to support the cause throughout remote parts of the world.

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Specifically, in rural eastern India, small villages of no more than 300 people have struggled to get access to clean water. With communities not large enough to sustain and pay for a community water system, they’ve been left with a less than desirable circumstance. That is, until Spring Health, a subsidiary of Windhorse International, was able to provide them with a solution. The organization designed a low-cost business model and operates kiosks throughout the region selling disinfected water to consumers in the rural area at affordable prices, ten liters at a time.

Its goal, with the help of Acumen, is to provide safe drinking water to five million people through 10,000 villages’ shops within the next three years and to amplify that substantially within the next ten years, saving millions of lives.

So what does it take to provide clean drinking water to our fellow nieghbors? Well, every $1 invested in water (and sanitation), will result in a $4 economic return — well worth the investment, because even the smallest donation can make a big impact.

Interested in providing others with clean drinking water? Here are some resources:

Acumen — Donate to many poverty-relieving causes, including water initiatives.
Water.org — Your donation with water.org will help bring clean drinking water to people in need.

About Spring Health:
Spring Health is an India-based water company that utilizes an innovative point-of-sale purification and distribution model to sell affordable drinking water to low-income families. It has begun its operations in Odisha, India and plans to scale across the country in the coming years.

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