Mindfulness beyond meditation

Ken Wilber combines ancient practices with modern psychology

Do you have a meditation or other mindfulness practice? Tony channels his energy with a ten minute priming exercise every morning. Others use yoga or other breathing and movement practices to center, reflect and strengthen. In fact, most of these practices have been around for millennia. They improve overall health, combat depression, lower blood pressure, help with pain management and reduce anxiety.

So what exactly makes them so powerful? And how can you use these practices in today’s world? To put it another way, what if you want to discover and change the patterns of behavior that drive you, not just be content with where you are right now?

Ken Wilber has a take on mindfulness that aims to take people to the next level in all aspects of their being. His Full Spectrum Mindfulness builds on the Buddhist practice called Enlightenment or Awakening that started in India 3,000 years ago and combines it with what Ken terms “growing up,” a practice that gets at moral values and the expansion of identity.

Synthesizing practices of mindfulness with developmental psychology and cutting-edge neuroscience, Full Spectrum Mindfulness works to fully develop all aspects of a being, leading to states that Ken says allows for the realization of “our own highest potentials, awakening our greatest talents and capacities.”

Full Spectrum Mindfulness also moves through stages of human behavior, starting with food and moving through sex, power, love, achievement, harmony, wholeness, and unity.

The key is understanding what drives your patterns of behavior and then learn how to shift them to serve you instead of holding you back.

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