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Behind the scenes at UPW Chicago

See Tony impact thousands of people at his recent events

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of activity for Tony, but the biggest event by far was Unleash the Power Within in Chicago. Get a look behind the scenes of this culminating experience.

But first, reuniting with Dawn from the Netflix documentary

Four years ago at Date With Destiny in Florida, a young woman named Dawn Watson courageously stood up & shared her story for the first time — it was a story of unimaginable pain & horrific child abuse. She was raised in Brazil as a member of The Children of God cult, & made to do unconscionable things that most people couldn’t even imagine. If you’ve seen the @netflix documentary, I AM NOT YOUR GURU, there’s no doubt that Dawn’s story is one you won’t forget. . This week at #BusinessMastery I had the privilege of spending time with this beautiful soul once again. I’m excited to share with you that in the 4 years since we met & worked together at DWD, Dawn has completely reclaimed her POWER, found her voice, changed the course of her life, became a force for good, & the inspiration for TRANSFORMATION for so many people around the world. She is now certified by the Robbins-Madanes Center for Strategic Intervention & helps people find FREEDOM from their greatest pain, allowing them to finally DISCOVER & LIVE their greatest TRUTH. . Dawn also wrote her first book & founded an organization: The Instituto Dawn Watson – Break the Silence, Heal the Pain, which helps victims of abuse & trafficking rebuild their identities. Dawn — you are truly a miracle. I am privileged to know you & I’m so grateful for the work you are doing to serve others in transforming pain into personal power. . As many of you know, I am passionate about ending human suffering. Two of the organizations I support & work closely with are @ourrescue & @freeagirl. Both are on a mission to SAVE LIVES & end child trafficking & prostitution. In the past 2 years with OUR, we’ve personally participated in saving over 1,200 girls’ lives. Free A Girl has freed & saved the lives of over 4,000 girls. Both also work to prosecute traffickers & put an END to this heinous crime. I’m so touched by the generosity of this group of 2,000 entrepreneurs from 68 countries — together they raised $100K to help free these enslaved children & I matched them with an additional $100K. Together we will partner in saving 80 kids’ lives! . If you’d like to join us in helping: & . 📸: @millakuhto

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Chicago’s United Center the day before UPW began

The calm #before the perfect storm. . Are you ready to step-up? Less than 48 hours until #UPWchicago! 😎 🔥🙌 🚀 @unitedcenter . #tonyrobbinsupw #unitedcenter #chicago

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9,000 strong in Chicago, transforming their lives forever

Do you want to know the FASTEST way to completely and radically change your life? . It’s actually very simple… . Trade your EXPECTATIONS for APPRECIATION and the whole game changes in a moment. . What an incredible feeling to be back in Chicago where 9,000 people from 61 countries have gathered together to STEP UP and BREAK THROUGH to the HIGHEST TRUTH. 👊🏼💯🔥 . We’re truly blessed to live in an abundant world where so many of our desires are met instantaneously with just the touch of a button, the click of a mouse, or the swipe of our thumb. The crazy thing is that most of us believe THAT is what brings happiness. But what we’re really experiencing when we focus on what we GET is the ILLUSION of happiness. It’s a dopamine hit, not lasting fulfillment. And success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure. . We’re living in a CULTURE of EXPECTATION where the focus is on ourselves and our own needs, so, when our desires and expectations aren’t met, we feel loss, lack, fear, frustration, anger, rejection—all unresourceful states of suffering. . The TRUTH is, what makes us TRULY happy in life is NOT what we GET, but what we GIVE. . Here’s a little exercise you can do right now… Just think of something you’re grateful for. ANYTHING, big or small, that you could choose to APPRECIATE in THIS moment, right now. . When we make the choice to focus on appreciation—on growing, giving, connecting to others, contributing beyond ourselves, a life of service and LOVE—we’re making the CONSCIOUS DECISION to be our best self and live in a beautiful, resourceful, connected, high-energy state. . THIS is THE MOST important decision of your life. For the rest of the weekend here in Chicago, we’ll be going deep and discovering how we can GROW so we have more to show-up and GIVE in every moment of life. EVEN when it’s not going our way. . While we’re here in Chicago, we’ve provided 1 MILLION meals to a local food bank in the city to support the community. If you feel called to step up and lend a hand, @feedingamerica is a great place to start. . #TonyRobbinsUPW #StepUp #Decide . 📸: @zungninjaphotographer

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The honor of meeting Bishop Jean Marie and Mother Superior Marie Marthe

Last week while we were in Chicago for #UPW we had the honor of meeting the Most Reverend Bishop Jean Marie, who founded the Fraternite Notre Dame in 1977, along with Mother Superior Marie Marthe (seen here). This extraordinary organization operates out of Chicago, Harlem, & the Tenderloin in San Francisco — they work with poorest of the poor, tirelessly serving around the clock & providing support to those with the greatest need. ❤️ . We were privileged & humbled to enjoy a day with these kind souls serving the light. They have dedicated their LIVES to actionable SERVICE & charitable works, inspired by these words from Saint Paul: “Faith without works is dead.” In other words, their HEART, SOUL, & DEDICATION to SERVE OTHERS from a place of pure LOVE moves them to take MASSIVE ACTION & truly make a difference in the lives they touch daily. . 🥘 You may have heard the story of the San Francisco nuns who were nearly evicted from the building where they were operating a soup kitchen b/c of an extreme hike in the rent.🍴 We were able to purchase the building and continue to sponsor their soup kitchen which provides a hot, nutritious meal 365 days of the year to men, women, & children. In addition to their soup kitchen & pantry programs that continuously work to relieve hunger, they also provide a number of incredible services like after school programs that help support moms and keep kids off the streets. 🍪 Most people don’t know this, but the nuns fund their services by baking & selling specialty all-organic pies, French pastries, cookies, and other sweet goodies. We invited them to join us and set up a booth UPW — swipe to check out the Nunbelievable cookie booth! . 🙏 Sage & I are deeply moved by witnessing their love in action & proud to support the vital work they’re doing to directly assist those in need. Together we’re working on a very special & exciting project that will help this organization & others like it raise funds more efficiently so they can devote more time to working directly with those who seek their aid. More about that later! . #FraterniteNotreDame #TonyRobbinsUPW #nunbetter #nunbelievable #servantleadership

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