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Join Tony to help hurricane victims

September donations to Feeding America will fund hurricane relief

Hurricane season has just begun, and already we’ve seen devastation in the United States from Hurricane Harvey and now the rapidly approaching Hurricane Irma. For many of us, we will never know the pain of losing everything we have, of leaving your home and preparing to never going back again.

For those in Hurricane Harvey’s path of destruction, there is a long way to go before the real healing can begin. Recovery won’t happen overnight, or even in a month – it will be a long, tiresome road, which is why your help matters so much.

Currently, Feeding America and its network of food banks are actively providing relief to devastated communities throughout Texas and are preparing to support those that could be affected by Hurricane Irma in the Southeast. Read about some of their most recent efforts for Hurricane Harvey victims.

Throughout the month of September, all donations to Tony Robbins’ 100 Million Meals Challenge will directly benefit those affected by the recent destruction of Hurricane Harvey and Irma through Feeding America’s disaster relief efforts. In addition, Tony will match your donation, so even just a $10 donation will provide 220 meals. For those who have nothing left, even the smallest donation will mean everything.

In times of crisis, we see the true spirit of humanity. Hordes of volunteers, civilians using their boats to aid rescue efforts, people risking their lives to help defenseless animals, we have seen the goodness of humans following the hurricane. We’ve seen so many people willing to put their own lives on hold so that others can have the chance to rebuild their own.

It’s so easy to feel helpless in these moments, to feel that you aren’t doing or can’t do your part. The truth is, there is room for everyone to help, with whatever they can, however they can. By donating even $1 to Feeding America’s 100 Million Meals Challenge, you are providing 22 meals to the people who need it most right now. That’s less than a cup of coffee.

This country is strongest when we come together. Please consider joining Tony and Feeding America in helping the victims of the recent hurricanes.

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