Tony Robbins Speaks at the 7th Annual World Government Summit in Dubai

The future of A.I., ending world hunger, and working together toward solutions for the some of our world's biggest challenges

Tony takes the stage in Dubai, speaking to 5,000 esteemed human beings — heads of state, CEOs, world leaders, policy makers, and global influencers of change and progress.

Tony Delivers Speech at #WorldGovSummit


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Today, I’m honored to be here at the 7th annual #WorldGovSummit in #Dubai among the company of 5,000 esteemed human beings— heads of state, CEOs, world leaders, policy makers, and global influencers of change & progress. I honor the authenticity of this gathering and its PURPOSE: the compounded COLLECTIVE FOCUS on SOLUTIONS for making life better for EVERYONE everywhere. 🌍 No matter where we’re from we’re all here now, brothers & sisters on the path, living in a unique time in history. In fact I believe you and I are lucky enough to be alive together during the most extraordinary time human history has ever seen!! 👀 We can all agree that #TECHNOLOGY is enhancing our lives like never before. And, it’s also creating brand new challenges, disruptions, and expectations. 🤔 I believe that everyone here with me in Dubai this week and you all reading this wherever YOU are today — we ALL come to be a part of the SOLUTION. We ALL want to solve the world’s problems using intelligent technology at scale to end pain and suffering every way we can, to make REAL PROGRESS, and to ensure lives of deep MEANING and happiness for ALL people around the Earth. Let’s do this. 🤝

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