A motive greater than money

Snapshots from Tony’s address to 32,000 network marketing entrepreneurs

Tony was invited to address over 32,000 entrepreneurs and business owners in direct marketing from around the world at the Lyconet Elite Seminar in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. The three-day conference brings together the world’s top network marketers to share strategies, insights and motivation to continue to achieve more in their businesses. Tony spoke to the crowd alongside network marketing giant Eric Worre and global entertainer Pitbull.

Today, there are over 100 million network marketers in the world – and they generate nearly $200 billion in sales every year. Network marketing is clearly big business, and at the Lyconet Elite Seminar, standout performers were recognized for the contribution to this growing and profitable field.

Tony has long been a proponent and a fan of the opportunities that network marketing affords everyday people – including those with the drive and passion for entrepreneurship, but who may be lacking the resources to start a traditional business. With network marketing, these people get all the benefits of being a business owner without having to worry about so many aspects of their business like supply chain or even accounting – it’s all the benefits of owning a traditional business without the headaches and risks.

Tony has addressed the mixed reputation of network marketing in the past – but he says that to overcome that, you must commit to your professionalism. You have to have absolute certainty in yourself and in your ability to succeed. And you have to continue to grow your skill set. Tony truly believes in the power of network marketing, and in the ability of network marketers to add value through the stories they tell.

But according to Tony, the most successful network marketers share one of the same common traits as any other entrepreneur: they are driven by a purpose greater than themselves. When an entrepreneur is dedicated to a sense of service, that is when they can be truly successful.

In Network Marketing, the very best are those who are not only in the business for the money. Add value first. Find a mission. Identify a motive, a driving force within yourself, that is greater than the desire for money. And success will follow, he says.

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