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May 29, 2016

The new psychology of success

An intimate conversation with Tony Robbins, Peter Diamandis and Joe Polish

When a business is struggling, most business owners shift their entire focus to strategy. What they don’t realize is that, 80% of the time, the chokehold isn’t in their strategy. It’s actually in psychology. Strategy, skills and tools are all critical components to creating real and sustainable growth, but knowledge alone is not power. Knowledge is potential power – and power lies in the execution, which always creates greater results than theory. Execution starts with your psychology.

In this episode of the Tony Robbins podcast, we take a special visit to Joe Polish’s Genius Network, an exclusive mastermind group. Joe talks to Tony Robbins and Peter Diamandis about their core beliefs, their approach to challenging times and their path to achieving an extraordinary life.

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Joe Polish

Joe Polish is known for his ability to connect anyone with anything. His networking ability has brought together some of the most influential leaders in the world. He has been featured in Huffpost, Strategic Coach, Singularity University, Entrepreneur, Inc., Success, Forbes, Fortune and ABC. His Genius Network is sought after by high-level entrepreneurs who know that Joe’s ability to form connections will take their businesses to the next level – and allow participants to live the extraordinary life of their dreams.

Peter Diamandis

Peter Diamandis is an entrepreneur, speaker, author, innovator and philanthropist. Currently the founder and executive chairman of the XPRIZE Foundation, he was recently named one of Fortune’s World’s 50 Greatest Leaders. In his years as an entrepreneur, he has started over 20 companies spanning the longevity, space, venture capital and education sectors. Peter is a well-known and respected businessman who knows what it takes to achieve massive success.

Impossible is an opinion, not a fact

A lie that so many people tell themselves is that their dreams and goals are impossible. Maybe they want to quit their 9-5 as part of the Great Resignation but they tell themselves that it is impossible to find a business that thrives in a recession. But as Tony points out, impossible is an opinion, not a fact. If you work hard enough, anything is possible. This all goes back to the psychology of success. When someone is hungry enough or driven enough, they will eventually find the solution they’re looking for.

Science of achievement and art of fulfillment

Tony discusses with Peter and Joe that it all comes down to two things: the science of achievement and the art of fulfillment. Achievements are won by following a specific formula. If you take certain steps and perform certain tasks, there is a high likelihood that you will achieve a goal. There is a strategy behind this science.

However, when it comes to fulfillment, there’s an art. It is different for everyone. And in order to achieve true fulfillment, you must comprehend what exactly that means to you. There is no clear strategy that will help you achieve fulfillment because it is unique to everyone. You must change your state and work on your psychology in order to achieve it.

Living in a beautiful state

Finding fulfillment often comes from thinking bigger and living in a beautiful state of mind. These are choices that no one can make for you. You have to make them yourself. You can help yourself commit to these choices by surrounding yourself with supportive people. But when it comes down to it, you have to do the work.

When an obstacle comes your way, you can choose to look at it as an obstacle or an opportunity. Someone with the correct psychological mindset will see it as an opportunity to grow and improve. Just as we’re conditioned to seek out a strategy to solve all of our problems, we must condition ourselves to change our psychology. Once we change our mindset, we can do anything – whether it’s starting a business in a recession or expanding our existing business to new locations. Whatever it is, it no longer feels impossible.

Peter Diamandis, Founder and Chairman, X Prize Foundation

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[1:20] How the kindness of a stranger changed Tony’s life
[3:35] Peter Diamandis talks about the origins of X Prize
[6:30] Technology helping the agricultural industry
[7:00] Sequencing genomes
[8:55] Life-work integration
[11:15] Finding your highest calling in life
[12:00] Reframing what is “impossible”
[14:00] Strategy vs. psychology
[15:00] Changing your state
[16:00] The science of achievement, the art of fulfillment
[19:00] Living in a beautiful state
[24:00] Thinking 10x bigger
[28:00] Surrounding yourself with a “nothing is impossible” community
[29:00] The news pollutes your mind
[31:00] Tony’s natural gifts and core beliefs
[33:30] Overcoming failure and criticism
[37:45] Defining your environment
[40:00] Life happens for you, not to you
[42:00] Rituals and practices to up your game
[46:30] Tony’s priming process

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