Harness the power of your story at Date with Destiny

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Are you telling yourself the full story?

Learn how to harness the power of your story at Date With Destiny

Posted by: Team Tony

Every day, we tell ourselves stories. We create stories to give meaning to our lives, to justify what we want to experience or feel, and to give ourselves a framework upon which to build future stories.

But what happens when those stories don’t serve us? What happens when we tell ourselves a story that may be convenient at the time, but over the years, ends up being incomplete and ineffective? Incomplete storytelling can do us a disservice in the long run, as it robs us of the clarity that comes with truly seeing the big picture.

At Date With Destiny, Tony Robbins will help you identify the stories you’ve been telling yourself – and then change them to stories that serve you and empower you. You can see how he did this very thing for Georgia, who was struggling with a painful loss, in this video from Date With Destiny,

Georgia found herself broken down by one of these incomplete stories. For years, she told herself that she was a victim because her father had left her when she was young. In her version of the story, she believed that her father chose to leave her – her “truth” was that she had been abandoned by him. She believed that this abandonment then left her emotionally traumatized for the rest of her life..

We soon find out, however, that this is not the full story at all. Georgia’s father didn’t choose to leave her. She was not abandoned. Rather, Georgia’s father had passed away when she was very young, and since, she had constructed a story to tell herself that he “left” her.

What Georgia leaves out of her story is vital to how she views herself in the world. What she leaves out of this story is all the good that came directly from this tremendously painful experience. By ending the story with her abandonment, she has not allowed herself to move on, to evolve, and to see the gifts inherent in the real truth.

At Date With Destiny, Tony urges Georgia to “blame effectively.” For so long, she only blamed her father for not being with her and for causing her pain. But when she looks at her experience with full honesty, and when she is able to blame effectively, she can see the he is also responsible for some of her greatest gifts.

Through the loss of her father, Georgia developed a sense of personal strength. Through the loss of her father, she developed an unwavering commitment to her own family. When Georgia was able to blame her father effectively, she saw that the incredible pain of his loss could also coexist with some of her most beautiful and treasured gifts in life.

This is the power of changing your story. When you cast yourself in the role of “victim,” you resign yourself to remaining stuck. But, when you cast yourself in the role of “survivor,” you are able to recognize the pain of your past, and then move forward, taking control of your future.

When you change your story, you change your life. Discover how you can change your own story to better serve you and your future at Date With Destiny.

Harness the power of your story at Date with Destiny