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How Jay and Fariha improved their lives and their relationship through UPW

Posted by: Team Tony

I met Jay six months after I had gotten divorced, it was a dramatic time in my life. He was always happy, he had a kick in his step like a little kid. I asked him why and he just said, “Why not? I’m happy about everything that I have and I’m grateful for it.” Just those words, his personality helped me. Being by my side through such a tough time really motivated me to make some changes in my life.

Every day I would hear from Jay, “You should really listen to Tony Robbins’ tapes and YouTube videos,” and I’m like, “how long are we going to talk about Tony Robbins?” I said I didn’t need it, I’d seen him on TV, I thought I knew everything. He started playing the programs in the car while we’d be driving and I thought, “okay, this is interesting.” Jay was using a lot of the concepts to help me, but hearing Tony say them helped make more sense. 

At the time I had gained 20 pounds and was dealing with a chemical addiction, it affected my work, my personality, my relationships with family and friends. When I finally decided to attend UPW, I was amazed. I was expecting four days of Tony speaking and maybe learning some techniques, but nothing I’d imagined compared to what I actually saw. I didn’t know concepts like limiting beliefs or the six human needs. Learning those, and actually writing them down and talking with people, put things into perspective in a way I had never experienced before. UPW beats anything that I’ve ever experienced. It has made me see life, love and success in a different way. 

I am blessed that I was able to have this experience, thanks to Jay and thanks to Tony for being such a positive factor in so many people’s lives. He really is one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. I found myself again and it’s helped me to do things that actually make me happy.

Create the extraordinary life you deserve with a Personal Results Specialist today!