How to create true connection

“Love and connection don’t just happen. Love is an action that wakes us up to the gift of life.” – Tony Robbins

So many times in the rush of life, we miss what’s right in front of us.

When we stop to appreciate and connect with the world around us, we can also connect with others. Humans are social – we crave connection. It’s one of our most powerful human needs and a driving force for many of the decisions we make.

You have a decision to make: You choose how you perceive the world and others. Choose love. Learn how to connect with your family. Discover how to connect with your significant other. Choose connection, or live a life that is emptier, less fulfilling, less extraordinary than it could be. Love and connection don’t just happen. Love is an action that wakes us up to the gift of life.

Let’s not wait to let go, forgive, understand, evolve and connect to each other. Let’s choose to see each other in all of our beautiful, unique individuality and magnificence. Let’s choose to connect with our wives, husbands and family today – before it’s too late.

How to connect with your family

With busy schedules and technology-saturated lives, it’s no wonder the modern family is feeling disconnected and isolated. Learn how to connect with your family today and build a lasting bond of trust and respect.

How to create true connection

Speak their language

To truly connect with family, acknowledge and appreciate their individual sides. Learn about the different communication styles so that you can talk to your family in meaningful ways. Ask about your children’s interests and take an active part in learning with them. Speaking their language goes a long way toward how to connect with your family.

Eat dinner together

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s hard to find a moment to just be together as a family. Make a point of having dinner together at least a few days a week – and don’t allow devices at the table. Keep the conversation lighthearted, and you’ll improve your bond with your family.

Do something fun

Whether you want to learn how to connect with your significant other or your family, the principles are the same: laughter brings people together. Fun memories are the foundation of connection, so get out there and experience something new and exciting.

How to create true connection with your family

How to connect with your wife

Do you feel the spark fading from your romance? You’re not alone. Relationships take work, and learning how to connect with your wife can be one of the biggest challenges.

Understand polarity

 Polarity in relationships means that each partner brings a different, complementary energy. When balanced, the masculine and feminine energies create explosive chemistry. Yet to create that energy, you must understand that her needs and ways of communicating are different than yours. She wants to feel seen and understood – but how?

Practice deep listening

The principles of deep listening will undeniably help you learn how to connect with your wife. Put down your phone and step away from the TV. Make eye contact and give nonverbal feedback. Be fully present with your wife, and you’ll see your relationship become stronger than ever.

How to connect with your husband

Are you feeling distance in your relationship? Where there was once laughter and fun, now you seem to barely speak. It’s time to rediscover how to connect with your husband in a meaningful way.

Say it with actions

Those with masculine energy are problem-solvers. They use conversations as a way to transmit information, but not necessarily as a way of connecting. Rather than talking things out, ask what you can do to help. By being open to his perspective, you’ll create the ultimate fulfilling relationship.

how to connect with your wife

Show your appreciation

Every human – man or woman – wants to be appreciated. Men are often stoic and seemingly unemotional, but they need words of encouragement and love just as much as women do. Remind your husband specifically what you love about him. Let him know you have his back, no matter what. Words of affirmation always help when it comes to how to connect with your husband.

Incredible stories of human connection

When humans connect on a deeper level, there’s no limit to what they can achieve. These stories are sure to inspire you to improve your connections today.

Abby Wambach

Abby Wambach is a two-time Olympic gold medalist and FIFA Women’s World Cup champion. But no matter her expertise within the sport, Abby discovered she still has a lot to learn about how to connect with your family. She says, “I threw away the old stories about blended families and decided to write a new one. Our themes are respect, grace and the constant decision to value collective peace over our individual egos.” Hear Abby talk more about the role that connection and family plays in her life and career success on The Tony Robbins Podcast.


No one knows the power of human connection better than Celinne. When she left everything behind to travel, she wanted to see how far that connection would take her. In nine months, it took her around the world. Hear her story about the power of community and connection in the Tony Robbins Podcast episode “Creating a Community to Call Home.”

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