Key healthy eating habits

The powerful ways healthy eating habits will transform your life

When it comes to leading a fulfilling, high-quality life, practicing healthy eating habits is one of the most fundamental steps you need to take. Proper nutrition is not just about your body. Your dietary choices also influence your emotions and create (or inhibit) the drive you need to reach your goals and feel good about yourself. If you’re not in the habit of eating healthfully, now is the time to start. Implement the following strategies, and you’ll be on your way to having the fit, healthy mind and body you deserve.

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Reach your peak health
Healthy eating habits are the foundation of your diet

What does a healthy and sustainable diet look like? All diets should have a foundation of high-quality, grass-fed, organic proteins and healthy fats from foods like nuts, avocados and olive oil. Get a dose of anti-inflammatory compounds through cruciferous vegetables such as bok choy, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, cabbage and other leafy greens. Round out this diet with fresh water and, when a sweet craving hits, a piece of fruit or a smoothie. Smoothies help satiate your sweet tooth and give you a dose of vitamins and nutrients without a lot of processed sugar. 

Remember, there’s not any specific exercise plan or magic pill that will easily give you a dream body. You need to make an active choice to modify your lifestyle and choose healthy foods to achieve a state of well-being.

Healthy eating habits: Building a nutritious diet

Any conversation on healthy eating habits must address not only food but also how the body functions overall. The foundation of a healthy diet centers on addressing the below core components:

1. Detoxifying and cutting out foods to curb cravings

One of the great advantages of healthy eating habits is that you start to shy away from unhealthy foods, like sugar or highly-processed items in favor of more nourishing alternatives. 

Eating poorly builds up toxins in your body and cultivates cravings that can feel almost impossible to overcome. It’s important to remember that healthy eating comes down to understanding what type of nutrients your body actually craves when you have a desire to reach for something like a candy bar or caffeine.

Sugar cravings often signify your body needs more protein, magnesium or zinc. Having this understanding about your body gives you insights about how to make healthy eating a habit since you automatically know what type of nutrition you actually need if you’re craving junk food.


2. Building your diet on healthy eating patterns



One of the fundamental reasons why healthy habits are important is because your diet is very interconnected with how you feel. Healthy eating patterns means you consume appropriate amounts of food in proper quantities that hit all your macronutrient requirements.

 Big advantages of healthy eating habits include the flexibility nourishing foods provide. You don’t have to eat the same types of food every day, but if you stick with a concrete plan as to what categories and types of foods you want to consume, you have the ability to mix up your meals and still feel good about getting the nutrients you need.

The U.S. Department of Health advocates people should aim to consume less than 10% of their daily calorie intake from added sugars or saturated fats, and salt intake should total under 2,300 milligrams on a daily basis.

3. Understanding how and why you eat what you do

A big step in how to make healthy eating a habit involves being honest about your current eating patterns and why you eat certain items. Most people have a range of triggers that cause them to consume certain foods. Some reach for a sugary snack when they’re stressed or tired. Others might routinely eat a bag of chips while they’re watching TV.

The issue with these types of food triggers is clear: they can be a coping mechanism for other emotions or instances where you’re eating when you’re not actually hungry. This habit will lead to unwanted weight gain and extra money spent on food.

A good strategy to gain understanding about your food triggers and unhealthy habits is to make a list of what you eat and how you feel at that particular time. Once you’ve made a list, ask yourself if there was anything you could have done differently in the situation, or about strategies you can implement to eliminate a trigger. This could be arranging a different route to work each day so you don’t pass by a familiar restaurant for breakfast anymore.




The next step is to keep replacing your old food triggers. If you find yourself eating too quickly, make a point to slow down and savor your meal so you are not rushing for another plate. Challenge yourself to stop eating in front of the TV so you will be more mindful about the food or snacks you’re actually eating.

Healthy eating habits as part of a larger life strategy

As you work to develop healthy eating habits, you’ll find that you naturally begin to embrace healthy habits in other areas of your life. You’ll begin to live proactively, making intentional choices about what you eat and do each day. Since it feels good to be in a state of optimal well-being, healthy habits are self-perpetuating and over time, they replace your unhealthy habits. You’ll also find that instead of prioritizing objects or experiences (i.e. purchases or external events), you’ll begin to appreciate the feeling of being healthy and fully alive. As you create a lifestyle that works for you and is tailored to your unique preferences and goals, you’ll increase your self confidence. Life becomes a pleasure – and it begins to serve you.

Jump-start healthy eating habits

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