Healthy eating habits for life

When it comes to leading a fulfilling, high-quality life, practicing healthy eating habits is one of the most fundamental steps you need to take. Proper nutrition is not just about your body. Your dietary choices also influence your emotions and create (or inhibit) the drive you need to reach your goals and feel good about yourself. If you’re not in the habit of eating healthfully, now is the time to start. Implement the following strategies, and you’ll be on your way to having the fit, healthy mind and body you deserve.

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Healthy eating habits: Building a nutritious diet

Any conversation on healthy eating habits must address not only food but also how the body functions overall. The foundation of a healthy diet centers on addressing seven core components:

1. Detoxifying the body

When toxins accumulate in the body they cause you to feel tired and sluggish. You can reverse this effect by eliminating toxins from your diet, including heavy metals, alcohol and caffeine. Detoxify the body for a few weeks – as you incorporate the other healthy eating habits outlined here, you’ll notice a distinct difference in your overall energy.


2. Cutting out sugar and flour



In addition to being harmful for your health, sugar and flour are also addictive; once you consume a small amount, your brain immediately craves more. To take control of these substances’ impact on your physiology, reduce your sugar and flour intake for a few weeks. Once you get over the “hump” of reducing your cravings, you may be able to add sugars and flours back into your diet in small, occasional quantities.

3. Basing your diet on high-quality organic foods

When your diet is comprised of junk food and/or processed foods, you cannot meet your body’s most basic nutritional needs. Instead, select high-quality, organic fruits, vegetables, healthy fats and proteins. You’ll feel more satisfied after each meal and your body will appreciate the difference your new healthy eating habits make.



4. Consuming anti-inflammatory herbs


Inflammation in the body causes a wide range of health problems including insulin resistance, diabetes and obesity. To reverse the effects of inflammation, incorporate anti-inflammatory spices like turmeric, thyme, cayenne pepper, rosemary, garlic and chili powder. These herbs curb inflammation while adding flavor and very few calories to your diet.

5. Fasting intermittently

When we eat too much and/or too frequently, the body becomes overwhelmed and cannot process everything we are consuming. Fasting intermittently is an effective method for giving the body a break so it can catch up. Fasting does not necessarily mean ceasing all food consumption; it just means following your body’s natural hunger and satiation signals so that you are eating out of real hunger. The body responds by balancing its hormone and cholesterol levels, enhancing sleep and increasing mental clarity, among other benefits.


6. Using supplements


While eating a diet rich in plants and organic proteins is critical to optimal health, it’s often not enough. Consume a daily supplement to augment your diet. By incorporating supplements into your healthy eating habits, you make sure you are getting all the sustenance you need to maintain optimal energy levels.

7. Exercising regularly

In combination with healthy eating habits, regular exercise is essential to maintaining your overall health. When you incorporate consistent aerobic exercise into your lifestyle, you do wonders for your cardiovascular and respiratory systems as well as your mental and emotional health. Find an exercise that you enjoy so that you’re able to stick to it without feeling like it’s a chore.


Healthy eating habits as part of a larger life strategy

As you work to develop healthy eating habits, you’ll find that you naturally begin to embrace healthy habits in other areas of your life. You’ll begin to live proactively, making intentional choices about what you eat and do each day. Since it feels good to be in a state of optimal well-being, healthy habits are self-perpetuating and over time, they replace your unhealthy habits. You’ll also find that instead of prioritizing objects or experiences (i.e. purchases or external events), you’ll begin to appreciate the feeling of simply being healthy and fully alive. As you create a lifestyle that works for you and is tailored to your unique preferences and goals, you’ll increase your self confidence. Life becomes a pleasure – and it begins to serve you.

Jump-start healthy eating habits

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