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Accomplishing goals and making contributions to the world are essential human needs. We cannot be happy and fulfilled in life unless we’re working toward something. Our goals can be anything from growing a business to finding fulfilling relationships. We all want to change or improve something about our lives, and we all want that change to last.

Often, our goals are personal. If you’re like many people, you may be seeking a weight loss guide to help you reach one of your personal goals. Getting the body you want – and deserve – is an important part of finding fulfillment. When your body feels strong and healthy, you have more energy to go after what it is you really want in life. You’ll have more energy, allowing you to live proactively and find your purpose. And you’ll have the confidence you need to do amazing things at work and in your personal life. 

When it comes to weight loss, a lot of people acknowledge the problem, but come up with the wrong solution. Whether they want to lose weight for better health or to build confidence in their appearance, they think the solution is to do so as quickly as possible. This thinking is flawed and it will fail to give you the weight loss results you want. Fad diets and trendy products won’t give you lasting results. This ultimate guide to true weight loss will.

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How can I begin to lose weight?

Not sure where to start on your weight loss journey? First, ditch the idea that weight loss can be a quick fix. Before you can truly improve your health – both physical and mental – you must learn to connect pleasure with the tools and methods you need to use to get there. The tactics matter, too, but you can only commit to these tactics once you are connecting them with pleasure. Then, you will be genuinely excited about meeting your goals, and you will consistently apply the tactics that will produce the change you seek.

How do you bring about this shift in your thinking? It’s nice to read tips in a weight loss guide, but how do you actually go about making them happen? You must establish a specific goal and a metric by which you can gauge your progress on a daily basis. You also need to change your habits and perspectives – what you associate with pain and pleasure. You can do this by interrupting the limiting beliefs you’ve already adopted and replacing them with associations that will help you achieve weight loss. 

There are also healthy habits you can adopt starting right now. It’s OK to start small: Go for a walk after lunch today. Start your day with a glass of water or some green tea and a healthy breakfast. Limit soda and alcohol. Be mindful during mealtimes and track what you eat in a weight loss journal or app. Start replacing processed foods like chips with whole foods like fruits and vegetables. Every action you take today can help you begin to lose weight, if you choose.

How can I get weight loss results that last?

If you’ve “dieted” before, you know how difficult it can be. You feel hungry and irritable, because your body isn’t getting what it needs. Worse yet, you lose the weight, then regain it by the end of the month. That’s because to truly achieve your weight loss goals, you need to change your beliefs. Long-lasting weight loss – attaining the body that is right for you – requires a shift in your perspective.

Without reframing the problem, without acknowledging that you are constrained by your habits, you don’t solve the fundamental issue at play. You stick a Band-Aid on a bullet wound. Addressing the root problem requires you to change your habits.


There are fundamental reasons that you choose to eat when and what you do. Eating is good – it tastes good, it feels good – and we associate it with pleasure. And when we feel pain, whether it be from stress, depression or because of a deep discontent with something in our lives, food is an outlet for these unsettling feelings.

If you’re someone who uses eating to cope with being in a negative state, it’s time to look objectively at your choices. When you’re sad, you eat; when you’re worried, you eat. These habits need to change. How can you alter your beliefs so you no longer feel like eating is your form of therapy? Any truly effective weight loss guide requires us to rewire our brains and to change our associations with pain and pleasure.

What can I expect from this weight loss guide?

This weight loss guide will give you the tools you need to create lasting change and to achieve your health and fitness goals. This is not an overnight program. This strategy doesn’t promise results at the snap of your fingers. You have to commit to making a lasting change, and that is exactly what this guide will help you do – shift your expectations so you can focus on getting the body you want.

We’ll share with you the key to encouraging yourself to change your habits and psychology in a massive way. You’ll learn exclusive strategies and get weight loss advice that Tony uses to help people like you achieve their personal weight loss goals. We’ll also discuss the tactics that will get you real weight loss results. We’ll share in-depth information on how to eat less and better, how to exercise without having to worry about it and what you can do to achieve a physical performance that aligns with what you want.

Remember, weight loss isn’t about looking a certain way – it’s about giving your body the nutrition it needs and energy it deserves to follow through on your personal goals. It’s about making changes that will bring fulfillment, happiness and gratification.

The basics
How to Enjoy Working Out

weight-loss-advice-tony-robbinsIf you don’t enjoy working out, you’re not alone. But getting physically fit doesn’t have to be painful. Weight loss results don’t necessarily require an intense workout. Learn how to exercise aerobically, taxing your system just the right amount to promote fat burn and in a way that you’re passionate about.

The Healthy Guide to Dieting


Toxins in the body cause it to work overtime – and our diets are oftentimes the number one source of the toxins in our systems. Learn about adopting an alkaline-heavy diet, which can help you lose weight and keep your body at peak performance, in this healthy eating weight loss guide.

Green drink

Give your body the energy it needs to reach physical goals. Nutritious foods and green drinks fuel your body in all the right ways. Learn about the powerful effects of an effective green drink and how you can incorporate it into your wellness routine.

Weight loss tips


There’s no magical diet or product that will give you lasting results. The body you desire can only be achieved with a simple, sensible diet and exercise routine. Following these foundational weight loss tips will help change your lifestyle and ultimately your health.

Healthy eating


Healthy eating is crucial to achieving and maintaining the weight loss goals you aim for. Learn how to practice a healthy diet in order to earn the body you desire and deserve.

The importance of health

man lifting weights

Trendy weight loss solutions may provide temporary results, but they won’t leave you with a sustainable, healthy lifestyle. Discover how Tony’s new line of health and wellness products can help you effectively reach your goals.


Achieving long-lasting weight loss
Stop food cravings

stop your cravings of donutsLearn how you can combat the cravings that are stopping you from achieving the body you deserve. Here are tips on how to deal with unhealthy food cravings.

Healthy eating habits

healthy eating habits advice

To achieve health for life, you need to change your habits. Here are healthy eating habits that will transform your life and body for the better.

The importance of delayed gratification 

In the modern world we’re used to instant everything. But resisting temptation is essential to weight loss – and practicing delayed gratification is key. 

Focused, deliberate practice

Weight loss results take practice. But not all practice makes perfect – only perfect practice makes perfect. Learn how to practice smarter to achieve your weight loss goals.

Losing weight naturally 

Plenty of diets encourage fast, unsustainable weight loss. But long-lasting weight loss comes from working with your body, not against it. Learn how to lose weight naturally and keep it off.

Boosting your immune system 

Losing weight and keeping it off takes energy and determination – and your immune system is crucial. Discover how to boost your immune system and operate at peak performance.

Tony Answers Your Most Important Questions about Health

break bad habits

How can I break bad habits?

We all partake in bad habits, and sometimes we let these habits run our lives. We know we have to get up early, but we go out for happy hour anyway. We skip our morning run to get a few extra minutes of sleep. We drink too much coffee and smoke cigarettes. No matter what, these decisions always result in disappointment.

Isn’t it time to live more proactively? Learn these expert tips from a Tony Robbins Results Coach and start breaking bad habits today.

How do I develop healthier habits?

Breaking bad habits is only half the battle. You also need to develop healthier habits. We don’t only mean exercising and eating right, then waiting to see what happens. It’s time to set goals, focus your energy and achieve weight loss. Just like with anything else, this is a skill that has to be learned and developed over time.

There is a way that you can replace the bad with the good – by learning to quantify your experience and change your focus.


How do I get the body I want?

Eating and exercising the right way – by switching to alkaline-heavy foods and through aerobic exercise – are the most important parts of getting the body you want. Let’s dig a little deeper into these concepts, why they matter and how they work together on a daily basis. This is the ultimate guide to true weight loss: When you’re able to combine these practices, you’ll be unstoppable.

Do you truly want to lose weight and live a healthier, more fulfilling life? Commit to Tony’s 12 Principles of Master Health.

How can I have more energy?

Achieving lasting weight loss will naturally result in higher energy levels and improved concentration – but you’ll still have days where you feel lethargic and unfocused. Weight loss tips may not be enough to truly create a sharp, quick, resilient mind that is always operating at peak state. You need to learn how to properly fuel your body and your brain. 

Learn how you can biohack your microbiome, environment and even your genetics so that you’re always on point and on target. 

How can I achieve peak physical health?

Peak physical health isn’t the same for everyone. It’s not always about becoming super muscular or being able to run long distances – it’s also about managing pain. Even Olympic athletes suffer from headaches, joint problems and other musculoskeletal pains. These athletes follow routines to help their body recover from these setbacks, so why can’t you? Wouldn’t you like to walk without that ache in your knees? Or play with your kids without feeling it in your back?

You don’t need to be an athlete to be in peak physical health. Use the routines that Tony includes in his own lifestyle, known as the Egoscue Method.

How do I live a healthier life?

Healthy living involves making the right choices. Rather than poisoning your body, give your cells the right nutrients so that they can continue performing the functions that keep you up and running. Food is fuel, so eat food that has plenty of essential nutrients. Make sure you have the right diet to achieve and maintain peak physical condition. Life is energy. Health is energy. And you can improve your livelihood and well-being.

Weight loss results are about more than appearance. They’re about living life to the fullest, with energy and passion. It’s up to you to learn and apply the 3 Mandates of Extraordinary Health.

gut-brain connection

How can I perform at my best both physically and mentally?

Think you feel fine? What if you could feel spectacular? When you focus on both mental and physical health, you can achieve even more. The gut-brain connection means that weight loss has extraordinary benefits for your mental health, memory and injury recovery and can even reduce the effects of disease.

Learn how to maximize brain function, prevent disease, reduce depression and more when you unlock the secrets of functional medicine.

How do I elevate my life along with my health?

Tony challenges us to make our lives a masterpiece – and that goes beyond our physical appearance. Operating at your peak state means transforming your story, mastering your mindset and committing to personal growth in all aspects of life. After all, as Tony says, “Why live an ordinary life, when you can live an extraordinary one?”

Discover the Tony Robbins triad of emotional health – physiology, language and focus – and how you can apply it to reach your peak state.

emotional health

weight loss

How can I learn about alternative methods to weight loss?

“Eat less, exercise more” has been the traditional weight loss solution for decades. Yet nearly half of all American adults still suffer from entirely preventable chronic health conditions. That’s because Western medicine doesn’t tell the whole story. An integrative approach that focuses on addressing the underlying causes – rather than treating symptoms after they occur – is a more effective weight loss guide.

Read about one technique that pulls from Paleo diet principles, functional medicine, ancestral healing techniques and more to create a holistic approach to weight loss and overall health.

How do I know where to start?

It seems like everyone has an opinion on how to achieve long-lasting weight loss and live a healthy lifestyle. There is so much information out there, just figuring out where to start can be an uphill battle. That’s why Tony Robbins has developed this resource to help you zero in on the areas that will make the most impact when it comes to losing weight and keeping it off.

Discover the fundamental steps for lasting change and hear from two world-renowned experts in nutrition and exercise. Living better, longer – that’s the ultimate goal.

Weight Loss Tactics
Healthy Eating

weight loss tactics faucet filling man's cup of water
Our diet has a tremendous impact on our physical health. Not only can overeating lead to weight gain, a poor diet can also cause an accumulation of toxins and cholesterol.

Water, the key to weight loss

Is it time to detox? Renew your body

Exercise tips and advice

weight loss tactics runner's sneakers on pavement
Check out our resources on awesome exercise routines and other activities that we recommend. Use these to guide the good habits you build on your weight loss journey.

13 keys to weight loss

5 invigorating desk exercises

Motivating Yourself

weight loss tactics Tony Robbins speaking to crowd
Having the right weight loss guide to achieve your outcomes is important, but so is being in the right state-of-mind.

What’s your morning ritual?

What motivates you to take action?

The latest weight loss strategies

weight loss tactics man and woman running in mountains

Have you hit a weight loss plateau – or want something new? Switching up your routine with these strategies could be just what you need.

Biohack your biology


Other resources

Check out our other resources on weight loss, eating healthy and optimizing your wellbeing for peak performance. 

What you need to know about good and bad cholesterol

Ready to get real weight loss results?

Tony Robbins’ health and vitality programs can help you build the healthy habits you need to lose weight and keep it off.

Weight loss FAQs
Where can I learn more?

Weight loss advice comes a dime a dozen. Weight loss advice that works is much rarer. If you are seriously committed to changing your life and achieving a higher standard of health, we recommend The Body You Deserve. Learn straight from Tony. This weight loss guide will show you how to focus on the results you want to achieve and how to break that cycle of negativity that stops you from enjoying a permanent boost in your quality of life.

Am I doomed by genetics?

We have all met those people who seem to stay thin no matter what they eat. We say it has to do with their metabolism and we justify ourselves by saying ours is slower.. But isn’t it time you took control of your body and your life? Learn more about how to exercise and eat for weight loss and a healthier life with a risk free trial to The Body You Deserve.

I'm on a weight loss diet, do I still need to exercise?

Yes! Diet and exercise are both crucial pieces of achieving lasting weight loss. Diets that call for trimming fat intake can be unhealthy and usually lead to weight gain. Not only do some diets induce the body to store fat, rather than consume it, but statistically it has been shown that the average diet subscriber gains weight by the end of the process. Eating and exercising right over a lifetime is the only way to reach your peak physical state.

Do all weight loss programs involve hating life?

The fact is that you don’t need to feel stressed out or intimidated about losing weight. We usually associate weight loss programs with super intense workouts and dramatic diets. The reason these fail is that the incentive to sustain them just isn't there. We might pick up a new technique for a few days and then never go back to it, because we hate it and we associate the outcome of weight loss with the pain of getting there.

You don’t want to feel stressed out about losing weight and it doesn’t have to be intimidating. Some basic rules to burning fat need to be followed, but overall you have a lot of flexibility when choosing the details of your particular path. Your aerobic exercise could be anything from a brisk walk to rock climbing to kayaking – finding something you enjoy is an important part of sticking to your goals. An alkaline diet is another component of healthy living, but what exactly your diet consists of is largely up to you and your values.

The only sustainable weight loss solution is one that keeps you focused on the end goal: the achievement of your weight loss outcome. If you hate it, then it's not sustainable. Tony's system is designed to instill that sense of passion and to provide the energy you need to move forward and toward the goal of healthy living.

Is skipping breakfast a good way to cut calories?

Managing your food intake is important, especially as it concerns cutting "dead food" and adding alkaline items to your diet. However, it's never a good idea to cut entire meals out. Our bodies live off of energy and they can only produce that energy if they have the right nutrients and elements. Keeping your body well fed with what it needs to continue operating at peak performance is vital not just for weight loss, but for living a healthy lifestyle more generally. Furthermore, by cutting out an entire meal — especially breakfast — you may be unintentionally training your body to store fat, rather than shed it. Rather than not eating, find a diet that's both healthy and enjoyable — something that you can see yourself sustaining.

What is an alkaline diet?

An alkaline diet seeks to work with the body to keep it strong and healthy. It helps your body maintain a balanced pH level. Parts of our body, such as the bloodstream and the stomach, perform better when they're maintained at certain pH balances. Our bodies naturally work to keep that pH balance within a certain range, but we can overtax our systems if our diets are heavy on toxins and acidic foods. Eating too much protein, which is acidic, can lead to the production of osteoclasts, for instance. These cells raid our bones for calcium and can cause health problems like osteoporosis.

An alkaline diet seeks to work with the body to keep it strong and healthy. By keeping 70 percent of our diets alkaline, which can be done by eating fresh greens, nuts, and fruits, we can help maximize our energy and keep our bodies at peak performance for longer periods of time. There's a wide variety of foods that fit the alkaline diet, so there's no reason to force yourself to eat food you hate. Remember, sustainability is key, so start with something as simple as adding a bit of lemon to your water and then go from there.

Learn more about alkalinity by checking out our article Are You Too Acidic?.

Can I eat out and still be healthy?

Absolutely! Check out our guide on how to hack a restaurant menu.

What is aerobic exercise?

If we work out too intensely, or anaerobically, our bodies inevitably switch from burning fat to using glycogen to produce the energy it needs to keep going. In other words, there's a point at which exercise can cause your body to store fat and slow its metabolism. The key to weight loss is to workout enough to tax your body, but not enough to strain it to the point where it's no longer healthy. Aerobic exercise marks that area of healthy exercise that promotes weight loss and healthy living.

How do you know if you're exercising aerobically? The easiest way is by measuring and tracking your heart rate. We all have a maximum rate at which our hearts can healthily pump oxygen-rich blood. The key to working out the right way is to keep your heart rate within a certain range, which is typically 75%–85% of your maximum. You can do any type of physical activity, as long as you stay within the right range. The great thing is that not only will exercising aerobically help you be more successful in reaching your outcome, but you'll also find it much more comfortable and enjoyable. You may even start to love exercising because of how easy and fulfilling it is.