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The no. 1 secret to fulfilling work

Motive does matter

Think about the words: work, career, mission. Do you notice a difference when you read them? Does each word feel different to you? To most people, the word “work” implies that it’s something hard, something you have to do. If you work all day long, you probably don’t enjoy it very much or find it very fulfilling. Career implies you’re doing it for something larger; it has a bigger meaning. You’ll devote more energy to it since it’s building toward a greater purpose. But somebody who has a mission, they don’t even do it for the money – they do it because it’s what they’re made for. For them, it’s not work at all; it serves a higher purpose.

Today, most people spend more time at work than they do with their family. The most sacred gift that you can give, besides your love, is your labor. What’s the secret to breaking through in this area to find a fulfilling job? Find something that you’re here to play for that’s more than just yourself. Remember – motive does matter!

Here’s what Tony has to say:

 Business and marketing guru Jay Abraham has also done years of research on how individuals can find fulfilling careers, especially in sales and marketing. Jay’s belief is that there is only one thing limiting the growth of a person’s career path: the limits they place on themselves. Just as Tony knows that limiting beliefs lead to unhappiness and lack of success, Jay states that your level of achievement is based on what you think you can achieve and what you think your life will amount to. 

What’s the best way to break through these limits and find a fulfilling job? Find your passion. According to Jay, when you recognize the infinite potential within you, you can bring value to others and discover the reason for your existence is to make the world you live in a better place. How you do this is dependent on your own unique interests and abilities and what you consider to be fulfilling careers. He gives a good example of a copywriting and marketing expert who, after passing away, left a legacy as a fine art expert. With his wife, this man found a true passion for art and used that as his motive for creating a mega-successful marketing business. He did not just find a fulfilling job – he used his overwhelming passion as a reason to become successful.

 He viewed sales and marketing as a way not only to fuel his passion for art, but also as a way to better understand human psychology. Because of this, sales was not a manipulation tool to get consumers to buy products and services – it was a way to identify the customer’s hopes, dreams and problems and use certain products and services to help them make their lives better. His purpose was not to find a fulfilling job – it was to make the world a better place by creating happiness.

 Are you looking for a list of fulfilling careers that can help you unlock an extraordinary life? Try looking at your quest to find a fulfilling job in a different way. When you use your career to improve the lives of others and fuel your passions, you have truly found the secret to discovering fulfilling work.

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Team Tony cultivates, curates and shares Tony Robbins’ stories and core principles, to help others achieve an extraordinary life.

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