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Your beliefs create your world

What is your number one value?

Posted by: Team Tony

Would you rather own a home or spend a year traveling the world? Have a steady paycheck or a flexible schedule? Put money away for retirement or splurge on an expensive gift? For many of you, the answer was obvious, but your answer depends on your values. If you value security and stability, you’re less likely to find splurges or a year of travel as appealing as someone who values variety.

That’s the thing – your values and beliefs determine your decisions. Your decisions shape your life.

Even if we know this fact, we don’t always focus on values and beliefs that empower us or move us toward success. It’s easy to get caught up in limiting beliefs that harm us and hold us back. The belief that we’ll never accomplish anything. The belief that we’ll never reach our ideal weight. The belief that we’ll never find a loving partner and have a healthy relationship. Every day you have the choice in what you value and believe. What you do or don’t do. What you notice or don’t notice. What we focus on shapes the life we live and directs our energy.

List of values and beliefs

Not sure what your values and beliefs are? You’re not alone. Many people go through life without ever digging deep to figure out what is meaningful and impactful to them. This is one of the reasons why people become distracted by power or material wealth and lose track of what truly matters. We never find out why we are the way we are and end up pursuing someone else’s idea of success.

If you need a little help deciding which values and beliefs mean the most to you, this list may be of value.

  • Appreciation: Do you enjoy being recognized by others and validating those you care about?
  • Creativity: Is imagination and creating new ideas or projects important?
  • Generosity: If you truly embrace that the secret to living is giving, then generosity is definitely one of your values.
  • Self-reliance: Being independent and not having to rely on others is paramount to those who value self-reliance.
  • Honesty: How do you react when someone lies to you or doesn’t own their actions?
  • Authenticity: Being yourself is not being swayed by others’ opinions and is vital to those who value authenticity.

While this is not a comprehensive list of values and beliefs, it can at least get you thinking in the right terms and help you decide what you will focus on today.

Learn more about how our values shape our decisions below:

Searching for these answers by yourself can be extremely challenging, but luckily you don’t have to do it alone. Date With Destiny is a six-day event – live with Tony Robbins – that enables attendees like you to reevaluate their values and beliefs so they can better connect with their true purpose in life. They also get the tools to start shaping the life they desire. Here’s what Date With Destiny can do for you.

Recognize your thoughts

As Tony Robbins says, “Every decision in your life is controlled by your values and beliefs.” The first step in creating the life you desire is recognizing the power of your beliefs, and that it’s your beliefs that shape your decisions, actions and destiny. At Date With Destiny, you’ll learn how to identify your existing belief systems. Are your thoughts positive or negative? Constructive or destructive? Once you’re aware, you will get the tools to reshape negative beliefs into empowering ones that serve you, or strengthen positive beliefs you already possess.

Uncover your guiding principles

This all goes back to understanding what drives you. What causes you to take action? What’s the driving force behind your goals? Are you someone who seeks thrill or stability? Do you gravitate toward pleasure or pain? By examining the invisible influences that dictate all your decisions, you can redefine the power these forces have over your life. Date With Destiny will help you reset your intentions toward success and joy, instead of misery and suffering, ultimately helping you to live a more fulfilling and successful life. It’s up to you to shift your focus to important values and beliefs, because as Tony says, “What you value determines what you focus on.”

Examine how your thoughts affect your relationships

Your personal values and beliefs deeply affect how you create and maintain healthy relationships. Relationships can be a major source of joy and love, but they can also cause intense disappointment and sadness. At Date With Destiny, you’ll examine how your limiting beliefs about yourself and others are magnified when you enter a relationship. If you feel that love is real only if you’re fighting with someone and experiencing conflict, then you’re going to have nothing but frustration in your relationships. But if you are able to shift the focus in your head, and begin to believe that relationships should be nothing but positive and loving, then you’ll see that reflected in your bonds with others.

how beliefs shape thoughts man lovingly embracing woman

Create new values and beliefs

According to Tony Robbins, “Whatever you hold in your mind on a consistent basis is exactly what you will experience in your life.” Now that you’ve recognized that you’re guided by your values and beliefs and that you have the power to change them if they’re not serving you, it’s time to create new rules to live by. At Date With Destiny, you’ll work to envision a life you’re insanely passionate about. A life that would fulfill your wildest dreams. A life that can only be achieved by reassessing your current value system. You’ll then create a custom life plan to help you achieve it, which includes your new mission/purpose in life, a list of values and beliefs that help you achieve that mission and setting new goals for yourself.

Commit to your destiny

By the end of the final day, you’ll have a clear vision of your values and beliefs and of what you want your life to look like. You’ll understand that each thought and action in your day are leading you to fulfill your destiny and create an extraordinary life. You’ll leave with the knowledge of how to control your beliefs instead of letting your beliefs control you. By reevaluating your method for choosing values and decision-making, you’ll be armed and ready to create the life you crave.

If you want to create an extraordinary life but feel that your limiting values and beliefs are standing in your way, it’s time to reserve a spot at Date With Destiny. You’ll begin to understand your driving forces, create new guiding values and ultimately adapt strategies that will help you make positive changes for good. Register today and get ready to ignite the missing passion in your life.

Shape the extraordinary life you deserve at Date with Destiny