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What is your true gift?

Find your true gift to thrive in business

We all get into business to win – but the key to winning in any business is to align with your true nature, because that is how you position yourself for success. Millions of people around the world are unhappy in their careers. This is because they went the “traditional route”: deciding what they wanted to do early on, going to college, taking a job in that field and then trying to work their way up the ladder. No one ever stopped them along the way to ask “What is your gift?” Even if they had, most people would not have known how to answer.

Unfortunately, most people don’t know what they really want in a career or have not figured out their unique gifts yet when they make this choice. In other words, they don’t take the time to stop and ask themselves “What is my gift?” This means they’re spending their lives trying to build a career they don’t truly care about or that they are not able to excel at. Even if you do go into business for yourself, you may find that you’re in over your head or that you feel like an imposter as a leader. This happens because you have not discovered how to find your gift and what you can bring to your organization.

Tony believes there are three different gifts of labor that people bring to a business: the gift of being an artist, the gift of being a manager and the gift of being an entrepreneur. An artist has a passion for a unique skill, such as writing, building homes or developing software, and they go into business simply so they can turn their passion into profit. A manager or leader, on the other hand, thrives on working with people and processes. They love dealing with organizational issues and are much more interested in working with those involved in the business than they are on the products or services themselves. Finally, those who have the entrepreneurial gift are focused on building up companies to create a profit. They love taking risks and are likely to sell businesses and start new ones. 

When asking yourself, “What is my gift?”, think for a moment which of these three most fit your personality.

How to find your gift

So what is your gift? When trying to figure out how to find your gift, you need to do a lot of soul searching. Take a close look at your values, what makes you feel energized and how you best interact with others. What do you gravitate toward when no one else is looking? You can also look back to your past. What did you love spending your time doing as a child? Did you spend hours in your bedroom with coloring books or finger paints or were you constantly trying to organize the neighborhood kids into kickball teams? 

If you’re still finding trouble developing an answer, ask those closest to you. Friends and family members can often be a great resource in this area as they bring a different perspective to the question. They may see gifts in you that you didn’t even realize you had. If you’re still stuck, take our business identity quiz now to find out which natural gift you bring to your business.

Applying your gift

Once you discover how to find your gift, you can then take the next steps to apply it to your professional life. Just as an individual with a cooperative working style would be unhappy in a job where they were frequently isolated, a person with the gift of being an artist would not thrive if they were tasked with managing a team. Artists tend to work best independently or in small groups, while managers enjoy organizing large teams. As for entrepreneurs, they only feel alive when they are using their hunger and drive to build a company that has financial value. You can have an enormous impact on an organization regardless of your specific gift – you must simply know how to find your gift and then craft your career around it.

Building a team

Once you know if you’re an artist, a manager or an entrepreneur, you can build a team around your skills and talents. You can also ask your employees the question, “What is your gift?” so they can thrive in your organization. Identify whether you have the right people in the right places based on their gifts and abilities to understand others, envision outcomes, inspire each other and understand themselves. As Tony Robbins often says, “The secret to living is giving,” and when you equip your employees  with the tools they need to find their gifts, you are truly building a unique business.

Stop surviving and start thriving

When we work in or run a business that does not tap into our true gifts, we go into survival mode. We don’t love what we do, we don’t feel a deep connection to our team and we don’t feel like we’re having a real impact on the world. It’s time to stop surviving and start thriving in your career. Once you have answered the question, “What is my gift?”, you can start utilizing it in every aspect of your business. Using your values and gifts as a baseline, you can turn uncertainty into action, focus on a meaningful vision and truly create the life and business you’ve always dreamed of.

Finding your gift and using it every day is the key to deep career fulfillment. If you want guidance on how to find your gift and put it into action, take the initiative to attend Unleash the Power.

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