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Unleash the Power Within


How Wanda Sealy found her purpose and passion at UPW

Posted by: Team Tony

In 2012, Wanda Sealy was in a very deep, dark place in her life. Things had gone downhill personally, professionally and emotionally.

But that was the year Tony made an appearance on Oprah’s OWN channel. The story he told, paired with Oprah’s experiences attending the Unleash the Power Within event, made Wanda sit up straight and take notice. There’s something to this, she thought. She was motivated to buy one of Tony’s books. In November of that same year, Wanda went to UPW in Orlando. Her first live Tony Robbins event shook her to her core, and she left profoundly and permanently changed.

Creating the life she wanted

Wanda went into UPW as one person and came out as someone completely different. Prior to attending Unleash the Power Within, she had only been existing – surviving the day to day and settling for what she thought she could get. She looked at her childhood and life as “a badge of victimhood,” simply assuming she could not reach for anything further.

One of UPW’s greatest gifts to its attendees is teaching you how to live your dream, as well as viewing obstacles as opportunities instead of road blocks. This method of thinking appealed to Wanda immensely, and she wanted to do her part to bring it into the world. “I enrolled in coaching school,” Wanda said, “and graduated successfully and created my own company to pay this incredible feeling forward. Living a mediocre life is no longer an option.” Her life is now full of possibility and potential, and her difficult childhood “a badge of victory” instead of one of defeat.

The strength within

Building the life you always wanted is possible – as Wanda discovered, you just have to work for it. “I was looking for my purpose outside of myself, ”Wanda remarked, “when everything I ever needed was always inside of me.” By changing her story and the way she thought about herself, she took control of her life.  

She even got her family in on it: “Tony Robbins is the only man my husband is okay with me expressing how much I love openly to others,” Wanda said with a laugh. Seeking to better understand and support his wife,“He attended his first Unleash the Power Within in Chicago, because of how much happier, more fulfilled and transformed I came back.”

Her husband saw the same changes she did. The possibility and potential in their shared lives seems limitless as they work on building their dreams together. Attend Unleash the Power Within and gain the tools you need to live the life you desire.


Create the extraordinary life you deserve with a Personal Results Specialist today!