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Unleash the Power Within


How Wanda Sealy found her purpose and passion at UPW

Posted by: Team Tony

In 2012 I was in a very deep, dark place in my life personally, professionally and emotionally. I saw Tony’s appearance on Oprah’s OWN channel and her experiences attending the Unleash the Power Within event motivated me to buy the material that very night.

I went to UPW in Orlando later that same year, in November. It was my first time ever attending a live Tony Robbins event and it shook me to my core. I left there profoundly and permanently changed. I went from a life of just existing, settling and surviving to a life full of possibility, potential and THRIVING! Living a mediocre life is no longer an option. I’ve stopped telling myself stories about childhood and life as a badge of victimhood and now wear it as a badge of victory.

Since UPW I enrolled in coaching school, graduated successfully and created my own company to pay this incredible feeling forward. I was looking for my purpose outside of myself, when everything I ever needed was always inside of me.

Tony Robbins is the ONLY man my husband is okay with me expressing how much I love openly to others. He now has become a Tony Robbins fan himself and attended his first Unleash the Power Within in Chicago, because of how much happier, more fulfilled and transformed I came back. After both attending UPW, we now see the same possibility and potential for our lives.

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