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5 steps to conquering your fears

Face your fears head-on at Unleash the Power Within

Posted by: Team Tony

When Brian Cristiano attended his first Unleash the Power Within over a decade ago, he had just about hit rock bottom. Nearing business and personal bankruptcy and behind on his rent, Brian felt sure there was little way out of the pit he’d fallen into. It all seemed hopeless. Knowing he needed to make a change if he wanted to survive, he spent what little money he had left to get to UPW.

It turned out to be one of the most impactful decisions of his life.

Over the course of 4 days, Tony Robbins helped Brian see how much harm he was doing to himself in his current state. Brian learned real-life skills he could apply to conquer his fears and transform his life.

1. Take responsibility

When we are unhappy about something, we often make one attempt at change and then stop if that doesn’t work. As our discontent grows, we begin to think, “Maybe this is just my lot in life.” We start telling ourselves we deserve this state, turning to a sort of self-sabotage that can damage our personal relationships and even harm our business.

At UPW, Brian learned that the way he thought and talked about himself only plunged him deeper into trouble. He learned that his failures did not have to define him – but they needed to happen to teach him a lesson. He learned to take responsibility for the decisions that got him to this point. He effectively reprogrammed his mind, shifting the language he used to think about himself and realizing he was not lost at all – in fact, he was full of potential.

2. Find your inner strength

You may take responsibility for your decisions, but if you don’t make better decisions in the future, it will all be for nothing. You need to find the inner strength to change your life.

The firewalk helped Brian find that strength. The smoldering heat of the firewalk is daunting for many, but crossing it is a deeply moving experience. Humans are naturally fearful of fire, and that innate wariness allows the coals to act as a stand-in for the forces working against you, whether they’re external forces or your own fears. They are what stand between you and the life you want. “That firewalk was me actually walking across my deepest fears,” Brian said. “On the other side is everything you want.”

Brian realized that if he can walk across fire, he is capable of anything.

3. Break down your fear

Fears can seem overwhelming. We’ve often spent years building them up in our minds and thinking about worst-case scenarios. To overcome your fears, it’s helpful to break your fears down into manageable pieces. Use visualization to play out the scenario you’re afraid of in your mind. Picture yourself conquering your fear. If you’re afraid of starting a business because you may fail, imagine yourself taking the first steps: filing for a business license, finding a mentor or building a website. Work your way up until you’re envisioning yourself running a successful, million-dollar company!

4. Take action

As Tony teaches, “Rewards come in action, not in discussion.” Once you visualize overcoming your fears, you must take action. Set goals. Create a plan. Put yourself out there and face your fears head-on. Begin to do the things you visualized: apply for that license, buy a website domain and join groups where you’ll be surrounded by people who will propel you toward your goal. Brian put what he learned into practice and in 2011 founded BOLD Worldwide, a successful marketing agency. He says, “If you take all of this information and all of these tactics and tools and walk out of here and put it into action as I did, it will absolutely change your life.”

5. Keep growing

The process of conquering fear is ongoing. Brian knew he needed to adopt a growth mindset in order to continue his personal development. Over a decade later, Brian returned to UPW, this time as the father of a young daughter. His mission is straightforward: to be a better parent. It took him decades to understand the power he had within himself; he doesn’t want his child to wait that long. Brian felt he wasn’t finished conquering his fears until he had passed on this valuable knowledge to his daughter. This time around, he took home strategies and techniques that he’ll teach his daughter, giving her the tools for a lifetime of success: “I want her to know what’s possible from day one.”

Ready to look inside yourself and see what you’re truly made of? Over the course of 4 days, Unleash the Power Within will show you how to mold your life into the masterpiece it can be.

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