The Training Effect

Turn setbacks into stepping stones

If you’ve ever worked at a sport, lost weight, or learned to play an instrument, you know that progress is never linear. Inevitably you will encounter plateaus, even setbacks, in your development. You develop a great forehand shot in tennis, but now your backhand isn’t working. You can putt like Tiger Woods, but your drives don’t make the green. You drop 10 pounds but can’t lose the last 10 to save your life. You sound like a virtuoso on the easy pieces of music, but you can’t get the fingering right on that tough guitar solo.

At some point in their development, most people’s results drop off. However, such setbacks can be some of the most important moments in your drive to mastery. Why? Because when we succeed, we tend to celebrate; but when we fail, we ponder. Setbacks can be the stimuli that re-energize your commitment to your ultimate goals.

How does this work? Setbacks produce pain, which either can immobilize you or cause you to work even harder. In the moments of setback and disappointment you need a quality coach, or an event — someone or something to break your pattern, remind you of your goals and put you back on the path of progress.

Once you immerse yourself again and dedicate yourself to your outcome with renewed energy, you start creating unbelievable results — outcomes that are even greater than the last time. Then, BAM! Another challenge hits. You drop off — but you still drop to a level that is higher than before. This setback, too, generates pain, but with quality coaching, you immerse yourself again, and with each immersion you get stronger and your results get better. Immersion, combined with coaching and consistent spaced repetition, produce the power of the Training Effect.


training effect

Remember, the continuous cycle of immersion-achievement-setback-coaching-immersion is natural. When faced with a setback, instead of feeling powerless, remember that every time you re-immerse yourself, you are starting off at a stronger point than before. You are creating a powerful foundation to build your vision upon. You are building muscle. All you need to do is get the coaching and inspiration that will help get you past the setback, then put yourself back in the gym.

As you know from working out, if you don’t use it, you lose it. Only with continuous immersion, quality coaching, and consistent spaced repetition can you maximize your strength and achieve the results you desire.