Wealth Mastery

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Build your money machine

Shift your money mindset and learn wealth creation and growth strategies from Tony's own team of trusted financial partners.

Jul 17 - 20, 2025

Discover the best-kept secrets of investing and finance

Key benefits

Fill your financial toolkit

  • Learn how to invest

    Discover strategies to create and maintain wealth, no matter the economy.

  • Safeguard your wealth

    Learn how to protect your investments and eliminate unnecessary risk.

  • Build a personal plan

    Establish your financial goals and create a framework with actionable next steps.

  • Gain priceless knowledge

    Get key insights and guidance from some of the top financial minds on the planet.

  • Shift your money mindset

    Understand the psychology of wealth and how to move from scarcity to abundance.

  • Tap into your power

    Shed the financial fears that are holding you back from living a prosperous life.

Turn money from a limited resource to a powerful tool

There's not a single human being who can't create their own form of total financial security, independence or freedom. No matter your economic status right now, you can make the choice to make a change.

Your path to financial freedom

Join this 4-day virtual event and take charge of your finances from anywhere in the world.

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Led by Tony’s most trusted financial partners

Get the guidance and personal plan to move out of financial fear. Wealth Mastery is the best of what Tony has learned about wealth creation from some of the top financial minds on the planet — and now that knowledge can be yours.

Wealth Mastery Speakers

Meet the successful entrepreneurs, coaches and thought leaders who will inspire and empower you.

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Never look at money the same way again