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Become a great leader

Learn the tools, strategies and secrets Tony Robbins uses to create immediate impact and inspire positive, lasting change in others.

May 17 - 20, 2025

The world’s most impactful leaders aren’t born, they’re made

Key benefits

Drive meaningful change

  • Learn from the experts

    Get insights from experts in persuasion, non-verbal communication, coaching and more.

  • Retrain your brain

    Discover your identity as a leader and gain a new level of emotional mastery and clarity.

  • Decode body language

    Tune into what people are really saying by understanding non-verbal communication.

  • Communicate with impact

    Learn to inspire, persuade, and connect with others for measurable results and change.

  • Experience real-time mentoring

    Practice what you learn with team building exercises led by professional mentors.

  • Increase your influence

    Overcome the psychological challenges of leadership and learn what motivates people

Leadership is the most important skill you can master

Top leaders didn’t just make the most of their innate talents — they committed themselves to learning how to motivate, inspire, and positively impact those around them.


More than 45 years of expertise in 4 powerful days

  • Day 1

    Awaken your inner leader

    Learn why people think, feel, and behave the way they do; how to utilize advanced communication styles; and the fundamentals of leadership.

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  • Day 2

    Lead through obstacles

    Begin using neuro-linguistic programming and deciphering body language communication, while learning how to create positive change.

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  • Day 3

    Become a world-class leader

    Dive deeper into inspirational leadership by identifying systematic beliefs, exploring alternatives to perceived problems and creating positive outcomes.

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  • Day 4

    Activate your new skills

    Assemble the strategies, tools and methods you’ve practiced and discover how to apply what you’ve learned through trial runs and advanced exercises.

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Create your leadership legacy

Be more, inspire more, give more than you ever thought possible.

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Get Tony’s own leadership secrets

Take part in the only program that provides full immersion in the proprietary leadership training system Tony Robbins has leveraged for nearly five decades to empower and change the lives of millions. Learn skills from world-renowned experts in neuro-linguistic programming, persuasion, coaching and more.

Leadership Academy Speakers

Meet the successful entrepreneurs, coaches and thought leaders who will inspire and empower you.

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Become the leader you aspire to be


Leadership Secret Two: A Leader’s Edge in Uncertain Times

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