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Anyone embarking on a personal journey toward higher achievement and deeper fulfillment needs a strong core, a foundation on which to build their new life. Tony Robbins’ foundational strategies and tools have helped tens of millions of people across the globe take their life to the next level. We wanted to help even more people achieve an extraordinary quality of life and live every day in a beautiful state – so we’ve made this library of Tony Robbins’ core concepts available to you.

“Stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible in your approach.”

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Tony Robbins


No matter what your outcome, it's good to know where you stand now to know what steps you need to take to get where you want to be. See Tony's online assessments, designed for you and your journey.

Improve my career & grow my business

Learn some of the communication models and growth strategies that Tony Robbins uses at his elite business seminars to guide millions of entrepreneurs to business success.

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    How can I grow my business?

    Create a business map in 3 steps

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  • How can I begin a cycle of success in my business

    Tap into the power of momentum

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    How can I communicate more effectively?

    Using the football field model

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Increased energy and vitality

What are the secrets to long-term health and active life, full of energy and vitality?

  • a basket filled with vegetables is sitting on a wooden table .

    How do I develop healthier habits?

    Using the "quality quantifier"

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    How can I achieve peak physical health?

    Learn about the Egoscue method

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  • a man in a blue jacket and blue pants is running down a road .

    How do I live a healthier life?

    3 mandates of extraordinary health

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Influence others & make a difference

Leaders aren't born, they're trained. We all have the potential to be great leaders; we just need to learn and practice the tools of influence.

  • a man is giving a speech in front of a crowd in a stadium .

    How do I influence people?

    The 10 essentials qualities of leadership

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  • How do I make difficult emotional decisions?

    Learn to listen to your heart

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    Why don't I feel satisfied or fulfilled?

    The 3 forces of achievement

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    How can I create a compelling future?

    It's time for a goal-setting workshop

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    How should I start each day?

    The power of priming

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A loving & passionate relationship

What are the keys to an extraordinary and passionate relationship? How do you bring back the excitement of when you first met?

  • a bride and groom are dancing in front of a window at their wedding reception .

    How can I have an extraordinary relationship?

    The 10 disciplines of love and passion

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  • The #1 law of attraction: polarity

    Learn about the magnetic pull that defines your relationship

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  • a man and a woman are hugging each other in the snow .

    How can I be a better partner?

    The 3 dimensions of a relationship

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Master my own psychology

What makes us tick? Why do we make the choices that we do? Learn about the core psychology you must understand and master to move forward in your personal growth plan.

  • a person with a backpack is standing on top of a mountain .

    Why do I do what I do?

    Find out your driving forces

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  • WHy can't I achieve everything I set my mind to?

    You can. With the 3 principles of instant transformation

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  • What is the secret to never-ending improvement?

    Master the training effect

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  • a person is swimming underwater in a green lake .

    What can I do to feel happier?

    Learn the 5 to thrive

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  • a man is sitting on a rock in the middle of a river .

    How can I change my reaction to events I cannot control?

    Master the cycle of meaning

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  • How do I deal with depression?

    4 ways to change your state in an instant

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  • a woman is sitting on a bed with her head in her hands .

    How do I treat anxiety?

    Learn techniques to get rid of anxiety

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  • a woman is comforting a man during a therapy session .

    How can I help others with anxiety?

    Learn how to help support people with anxiety

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Accomplish more each day

How do we get more (of what we value) done? With these concepts, you’ll go from spinning your wheels to achieving the outcomes you want – in less time.

  • How do I get motivated to get things done?

    Learn Tony's famous Rapid Planning Method

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  • a man is sitting at a table in front of a large window .

    How can I do more with less?

    Leverage your time, experience and social connections

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    How do I make tough decisions?

    Tony's powerful decision-making model

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Achieve financial freedom

Do you dream of financial independence? It may be easier to attain than you think. Read Tony’s core concepts to wealth below to get started.

  • a person is using a laptop computer on a wooden table .

    How do I plan my financial future?

    Creating a financial blueprint

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  • How much do I need to retire?

    How to calculate and build your nest egg

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  • Do I start to invest today, or should I wait?

    Make money while you sleep

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  • a close up of a 5 euro bill with a building in the background .

    Where should I put the money I save?

    The logic of asset location

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  • a close up of a 5 euro bill with a building in the background .

    How do I diversify my investments now?

    The 4 core principles to investing

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  • a row of metal safes with numbers on them in a bank .

    If I invest $1 today, what will it be worth in 10 years?

    Learn the true power of compounding

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