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Business Wisdom of the Electronic Elite

This book offers a composite of the best management methods of some of the most innovative leaders in industry today. The author has spent months interviewing senior high-tech executives including Bill Gates of Microsoft, Lewis Platt of Hewlett-Packard, Jim Manzi of Lotus, Ann Winblad, the high-tech venture capitalist and others to find out why their companies have been able to maintain a competitive edge and high level of profitability in today’s fierce marketplace.

The key themes of the book are the comparison of industrial age management to information age styles and the exploration of links between corporate culture and the effective use of technology in the organization. The electronic elite’s leadership wisdom is revealed in six new paradigms for managing–all of which are explained through interviews and lively examples. They are:
1) business=ecosystem
2) corporation=community
3) managment=service
4) employees=peers
5) work=fun
6) change=pleasure
Each section ends with an action plan for the reader to take into his or her personal business situation

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