How to market chiropractic services

You’ve gone to school, received your chiropractic license and you’re ready to start practicing. Or maybe you’ve practiced as as associate for years and you’re ready for something new. What’s next?

Don’t get caught thinking small – dream big, then make those dreams come true. Many chiropractors operate in multiple offices. There are even networks that operate nationwide: The Joint Chiropractic has more than 450 locations. What’s the secret? You need to learn how to promote your chiropractic business.

Opening your own chiropractic practice can be a great career move. As Tony says, “Success is doing what you want to do, when you want, where you want, with whom you want, as much as you want.” You can’t do that if you’re working for someone else. It’s time to take the leap. But first, dig into how to grow your chiropractic practice so you’re prepared for whatever comes your way.


Want to grow your chiropractic business?

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How to market chiropractic services

The biggest hurdle many chiropractors face is misinformation. Before you can market your specific business, get out in your community and talk about chiropractic services. Join professional associations and network with others in both the medical and natural health fields. Get on social media and share success stories and updates on the latest studies. Volunteer your skills for a good cause.

No matter where you are – online or face-to-face, at a seminar or in the community – don’t be afraid to confront misinformation head-on. Be respectful, but be prepared with facts and your own experience so you can educate the public. Be an involved and engaged member of your community – you’ll make your profession look good and create demand for your services.

How to promote your chiropractic business

While you’re educating people on what you do, you’ll also need to promote your individual business. The key here is to differentiate yourself – don’t fall into the trap of thinking that all chiropractic practices are the same. Here’s how to make your business talkably different.

1. Find your X factor

If you’re wondering how to market a chiropractic business, what you really need to know is how to market the lead doctor – you. You must offer potential patients something they can’t get anywhere else. Are you a great communicator? Learn to distill complicated medical speak into high-school-level terms. Are you passionate? Many chiropractors are enthusiastic about all types of natural health remedies – and attract and keep patients who are as well. Are you supportive and compassionate? Be an advocate for your patients’ well-being. Find your X factor, then use it in your marketing.

x factor


2. Find your market

find your market

There are many different markets for chiropractors. There are those who treat top athletes and those who treat families. There are those who focus on elderly patients, young patients, rehabilitation and more. There are even those who combine chiropractic care with another specialty, like acupuncture. If you were practicing previously, you may choose to stick with that target market. However this can also be a great time to change your career path if you’re not happy. Those who make big moves in business – as in life – get the biggest rewards.

3. Hire and manage wisely

Want to know how to build a successful chiropractic practice? It starts with your staff. Chiropractic care is a competitive business. Finding the right people can be hard, and keeping them can be even harder. Your ads must be compelling and captivating – highlight your company culture and the best benefits you have to offer. Once you have your staff, it’s time to develop your leadership skills. Great leaders provide plenty of training and set expectations from the start. They treat employees with respect, asking their opinions and offering praise. They have a vision for the company and they communicate it through clear goals and policies. And they inspire their staff to provide great care, every day.

manage wisely

4. Make it about the patient

make it about the patient

All businesses need to listen to their customers. But in the medical field more than any other, your practice should be about your patient. You must not only listen to what they’re telling you, but also ask the right questions and get to the root of the problem, all while being compassionate and supportive. If you don’t, your patients will go elsewhere. If you do, they will become raving fan customers – and loyal customers will bring in more business. If there’s one thing to keep in mind about how to grow your chiropractic practice, it’s that word of mouth is king.

5. Keep getting better

As Tony says, “Focus on where you want to go, not on what you fear.” Learn new techniques. Attend conferences and seminars. Read the news and keep up on what’s going on in the field. Come up with some innovations of your own – whether in time-saving processes, employee satisfaction or new technologies that make life easier for you and your patients. Invest time and money into continuous improvement. And always set an expectation of excellence for both yourself and your staff. With a growth mindset and determination, you can discover how to promote your chiropractic business to the highest levels of success.

keep getting better

Want to build your chiropractic business?

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