Giving back

Have you ever achieved a major accomplishment, looked around and thought, “Is this all there is?” On paper, you can have everything you thought you wanted from life: A thriving career, an incredible family and peak physical health, and still feel like something’s missing.

Have you accomplished a lot, but still don’t feel completely fulfilled? That’s because you haven’t discovered the importance of giving back.

Everyone finds fulfillment in different ways, but one essential human need is to grow. If you’re not making progress in your life, of course you won’t feel fulfilled – you’ll be stagnant. The second human need that’s hardwired into each and every person is the need to contribute to something larger than ourselves. As Tony says, “The secret to living is giving.”We grow so we can eventually give. Whether you’re giving back to your loved ones, the community or society, you’ll only find true fulfillment when you start to look outside of your own needs.

If your goals only serve you, then achieving major milestones in your life will only bring fleeting happiness. But if your goals aim to benefit something larger than yourself, you’ll eventually be able to find a true sense of joy. As you learn to give back to your community or the world at large, you won’t feel the need to be praised by others, because you’ll witness firsthand the positive impact you’re making.

Scarcity will end once you begin to give. That’s not to say you won’t still encounter stressful times, but once you make the psychological, emotional and spiritual shift that comes with being someone who gives back, you’ll feel more grounded in all aspects of your life. You don’t need to be wildly successful to start contributing – every small bit counts. Whether you give someone on the street a hot meal or a few dollars or are able to contribute on a larger scale, don’t wait to start giving back.

The foundation of giving back
Companies that give back

starbucks storeThese brands take pride in making philanthropic strides. Get to know a few companies that are committed to acts of giving and creating a positive ripple throughout the world.

Corporate volunteering

coworkers showing teamworkInitiating corporate volunteering programs creates an effect that goes beyond the charitable cause. It also cultivates a more dynamic company culture and an enriching experience for employees.


How to give back

woman teaching coding
There’s a multitude of ways you can give back to your community. Here are a few simple, yet effectual, options to begin making your contribution.

Importance of giving back

neon sign that says changeA good deed can have an effect that transcends the act itself. Discover the importance of giving back and how it can trigger a positive change in yourself and around the world.

Feeding America

tony robbins feeding americaLearn about Feeding America, the nonprofit that aims to alleviate hunger insecurities across the nation. Read about Tony’s contributions and how you can make an impact.

Famous philanthropists

bill-gates-philanthropistMany high-profile individuals have made generous contributions to people and causes that need support. Learn about how they have used their success to spark a positive ripple effect.

Benefits of volunteering

group of volunteers smilingMaking a difference in the lives of others can also ignite a change in yourself. Here are five ways volunteering can make a positive and personal impact on you.

Ready to make your contribution?

Discover ways you can make a positive impact in your community. Learn more about the organizations Tony supports.