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Unleash the Power Within

Make your dream a reality


Posted by: Team Tony

You want to make your dreams come true, but you don’t know where to start.

You’re not alone. So many people feel just like you – confronted by that aching desire to make your dreams a reality, but feeling that your life is too complicated for you to make that step. The answer is simpler than you might think: The path to success – and to creating the life you desire and deserve – stems from taking massive, determined action.

Many others have longed to figure out how to make dreams a reality, too, and they turned to Tony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within (UPW).

“[Tony] really makes you conquer your fears and realize everyone can be great.”

Hindered by the past

Brothers Chad and Jordan Higley attended Unleash the Power Within looking to take their lives to the next level. A residential home inspector, Chad originally trained to be a rescue swimmer in the Coast Guard. After dislocating his shoulder and being kicked out of the program, Chad developed an unconscious fear of failure that continued to hold him back from the life he desired – he was too immobilized with fear to act.

His brother Jordan first met Tony Robbins after interviewing him at SXSW in Austin, Texas, and knew he had to attend a live event. Jordan had found success as a meteorologist and lifestyle host, but every time he strove for more, he recalled a professor expressing doubt in his ability to make it very far. His desire to prove that professor wrong helped get him a certain distance in his career, but the doubting voice ingrained itself in his psyche, and all too often he listened to it.  

Limiting beliefs

The beliefs we hold about ourselves are what end up framing our actions. Logically, Chad realized that his shoulder injury was not his fault, but he still sustained the injury and began to view it as his own personal failure. While Chad landed in a successful career despite this fear, he always found himself afraid to take the first step and start his own company. At UPW, Tony Robbins helped Chad realize that his own limiting beliefs were holding him back and by changing how he thought of himself and his capabilities, he came that much closer to making his dreams a reality. Chad plans to finally take the leap into business ownership and open a residential wholesale company.

Meanwhile, Jordan’s time at UPW made him realize his limiting belief that he “wasn’t good enough to go further” was the only thing holding him back from the success he desired. His story is probably similar to those of millions of people around the world. You’ll think, “I’m going to focus on making my dreams come true,” but then provide yourself with a laundry list of reasons why you can’t do that, ranging from “I’m not good enough” to “People will laugh at me” and everything in between. That’s exactly how Jordan felt – and he’s now dedicated to using that limiting belief to push him even further in his career. Striving for financial freedom, Jordan was inspired to finally invest more time in his side projects allowing him to find more balance and fulfillment.

Watch the video below to hear more about Chad and Jordan’s story.

“I want to reach more people and my level of success is measured by their level of success.”

Staci Holweger was committed to working toward the best version of herself. Though she was a top ambassador at a health and wellness company, Staci still hadn’t achieved the level of success and financial freedom she dreamt of, and like Chad Higley, she was limited by her fear of failure.

“Making my dreams come true would be easy if…”

If you want to make your dreams come true, it’s critical that you move past the fear of failure. This particular fear can stop you from even thinking about taking steps to begin reaching for the life you want. Failure is a lesson; if you fail, you can at least learn from it and not repeat whatever mistake you made. But if you fear it too much to even try changing your life or looking toward something more, you’ll very likely end up treading water in one place.  

After attending Unleash the Power Within for the first time, Staci started making progress toward her goals. She was pleased, but her own success gave her an exciting idea: Her entire team would transform if they attended together.

Together with a team of 40+ employees, Staci discovered new ways to apply Tony’s strategies to her career and her personal life. She recognized her own limitations and wanted to push through them, and realized she could do so by shifting her own focus just a little bit. She realized how much she cared about growth and contribution, and this small move opened her up to massive change and new opportunities. It gave her a better understanding of how to identify people’s needs, which in turn makes her more capable of serving her clients and putting them on the path to reach their goals. Like her, they might not need to make gigantic shifts – even small changes could change their lives for the better.

Staci plans to take her daughter to the next UPW and has enrolled in Mastery University with her husband. She’s also committed herself to getting more involved in her community and working more with networking groups.

Watch the video below to hear more about Staci’s experience at UPW.

As Tony Robbins says, “We can change our lives. We can do, have and be exactly what we wish.” Ready to make your dreams come true? Find out how to Unleash the Power Within.

Turn your dreams into reality with Tony at Unleash the Power Within