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How to rock your next presentation

If you’ve ever been to Unleash the Power Within, you know that Tony Robbins brings an amazing level of energy to his on-stage presentation — and it makes all the difference for attendees of the event. How does he do it? Carmine Gallo, who covers “leaders who are exceptionally persuasive communicators” for Forbes.com broke it down after seeing Tony featured on a special two-hour episode of “Oprah’s Next Chapter.” Gallo writes:

Where are you on the energy scale? Here’s a technique that I’ve used with executive speakers over the years and it works wonders. Right before the presentation I ask the speaker, “On a scale of one to ten—one being asleep and ten being Tony Robbins who is yelling, fist-pumping and smacking his hands against his chest—where are you right this second on the energy scale?” The typical response is somewhere between four and six. I then suggest that the speaker clap his or her hands together three or four times, shake out their arms, and put a big smile on their face. “Now where you are?” I ask. “About seven or eight,” the speaker normally responds. “Now rock it!” I exclaim.

Read the rest of the Forbes article hereto pick up more tips on how you can bring a Tony-level of energy and make a real impact in your next presentation.

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