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Action plan for an outstanding business mindset

What the video will teach

We live in a world that is hyper-competitive, and yet, while technologies can provide tremendous advantages, the ultimate technology is still the psychology and skills of the business owner or leader. Is cash flow really the problem? Here’s how to overcome the number-one obstacle to growing any business. Watch this six-minute video to see how Tony Robbins helped Shane — a participant in the Business Mastery bootcamp program — reframe his thinking about this challenge so that instead of an obstacle, he saw an opportunity.

Creating a business mindset: summary and key points

Whether you’re a fledgling company or an established brand, you’ll learn how to overcome hurdles in the business world from this recorded session from Tony Robbins’ seminar “Business Mastery” Tony tells the audience that above all, your success depends on developing a business mindset, instead of giving in to false assumptions. Having an entrepreneurial mindset can positively impact your company and its cash flow.

When Shane stands up at the seminar, he expresses to Tony what he thinks are his businesses limitations — specifically, cash flow. Tony challenges Shane to stop placing limits on himself, and says that this is the number-one thing that holds professionals back. Whether the limitations are real or perceived, if we believe them to be holding us back, they will be. Tony brings to mind the famous Henry Ford quote, “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.”

Instead of thinking you’re incapable of accomplishing your goal, why not shift into a business mindset? Challenge your perceived limitations and choose to believe in your vision. Ask yourself, “Is this assumption really true?” Tony Robbins believes that the only true chokehold on any business is not cash flow, but the business owner’s limited psychology or skills. That means that if you have all the external resources you need but are still failing, it’s time to look at your mindset or your skillset and reevaluate the situation.

Action plan

1. Find the unspoken assumptions

The worst thing business owners can do is play into beliefs that might be untrue. If you believe there is a problem, and spend all of your time worrying about it instead of taking action, then you’ve already failed. Find the unspoken assumption that’s causing you distress — what is it?

2. Challenge the unspoken assumption

The best way to face your fear is to face it head-on. To overcome business obstacles, you must identify if your limiting belief is true. Is this assumption true? Why or why not? Dive into exploring whether or not this is an environmental limitation, or, in fact, a psychological or skill-related one. It could be psychological if you have the resources to acquire more money and are simply feeling anxious about doing so, or perhaps you’re worried you don’t have the skillset to reach out to potential shareholders. Oftentimes, after challenging an assumption, you’ll find it’s not true and you have everything you need to succeed.

3. Identify what you would do if that assumption is untrue

What would you do to succeed if you knew you could not fail? After identifying whether or not the limitation is real, it’s time to identify your goals. What do you want to accomplish with your brand? Is the goal to have more time for yourself or to make more money? After establishing clear objectives, and building up a can-do entrepreneurial mindset, you’ll be able to achieve your goals.

Learn more about forming a business mindset

Looking for more business advice? Find out how to achieve your professional goals by accessing Tony Robbins’ 7 Forces of Business Mastery today.

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