Crew Positions

Positions Available for Crew Members

Below are some of the positions that you can have at an event.  Not all positions are at all events.  If you’ve already received a crew request approval, the “Crew Type” will likely be “Event Team”.  Event team are most of the positions below.  The Crew Type might also be “Fire Team” or “Stage Area Support”, if you are on one of those teams.

Coaching Booth

The coaching table has RRI-trained coaches who give initial 30-45 minute complimentary strategy sessions and enroll people to sign up for the coaching program during the event. The sessions help participants identify goals, identify and understand gaps as well as areas of opportunities and helps them see how coaching can help support their goals.

Crew will assist people in receiving a free introductory coaching session with the coaches by standing in and outside booth and handing out forms for people to identify their goals, desires, dreams and frustrations. It is the crew member’s job to separate and protect the coaches from participants when in a private coaching session. It is also your job to explain, if asked that there are a few coaching levels, 75 coaches and that yes, they try their best to match particular coaches to their individual needs. You might have to help participants list their goals if they are stuck. Take general goals and help them become more specific.

Qualities: Good attitude, friendly, outgoing, greeter, warm, bubbly, able to keep boundaries and maintain privacy in sessions. Prefer trained sales people.

Physical: Stand when people are out of the room, otherwise, it is fine to sit.

2+ crew needed.

Product Booth

If you like sales, this is an opportunity to mix with people and meet an immediate need. When participants have an issue or need, this is basically the ‘Solution Center’. The product team needs a strong committed core group ready to work at the front lines. There is a 1 hour training to understand why products are developed, what the core outcomes are from each product, and how to talk to participants. You will run credit card transactions, fill out invoices, use the calculator, use the brochure, and have a good understanding of the various event-only packages. It is important to ask and understand what their outcomes are to best serve the customers.

The expectation is to be here during mornings, breaks and closing when people are out of the room. People are well-rewarded who work hardest at the booth.

8+ crew needed.

Customer Service

The goal of customer service is for the client to come and leave as a raving fan, we want them to know we are here for them. We do our best to accommodate their needs. Make sure they are heard, that they are successful as participants, get them to the people they need to help them be successful. Make sure they are empowered.

These positions entail registration for those who are walk-ups, have late registrations or names not found in regular registration. They also handle money back guarantees; and maintain a lost and found and a lock box for expensive lost items. Crew needs to be here before doors and after everyone leaves for approximately 15 minutes after Tony is done. During registration, need 3 crew members at a time, and the rest of the time, 1 or 2 people. It would be great if you’ve done some customer service work in the past.

Qualities: Loyal, reliable, trustworthy, respectful, enthusiastic, compassionate, loving, non-judgmental, be able to provide certainty and safety for participants. Good sensory acuity and be able to meet people’s needs. Best if you have positive energy and a warm personality. Be willing to be taught and open to learning.

Physical: Need to be able to stand hours at a time during registration, after that, sitting and standing is fine, be able to lift about up to 25 pounds. Have some computer skills.

2 crew members needed, more at registration time.

Live Events Booth

Figure out what the person’s next step is, what is most appropriate for the client. It can be getting tickets for UPW, enrolling participants in Mastery, Leadership Mastery, Business Mastery or signing up for Platinum. It is not unusual for participants to sign up family members or friends.

You need to know what the programs are, and it is best if you’ve completed at least Mastery University and Leadership is a plus.

Qualities: Good listening skills, be able to be articulate, outgoing, best if crew has sales experience, build massive rapport, curiosity, confidence and is passionate about the various programs. Give certainty to the customers.

Physical: When customers are present, mostly stand.

1-2 crew members needed.

Foundation Booth

The goals are to 1 – make insure participants are having best possible experience at the event; 2 – raise awareness about the Anthony Robbins Foundation; and 3 – raise money to fund foundation programs, which includes, among others, youth leadership programs, prison program and Basket Brigade.

Crew will support the foundation by helping with customer service and sales, security of assets, as well as educating and sharing information about the foundation. These are great positions for people who have retail experience. On the 2nd to last day of the event, the auction closes and we need committed crew members to help with crowd control, state inducing, supporting the participants and the foundation workers.

Qualities: Love participant interaction, contribution minded people, good listeners, compassionate and able to educate customers. Committed to being on duty during the event, and be able to really have fun.

Physical: Able to be on feet, sensory acuity, people who present themselves well to the public.

4 to 6 crew as a core group, 2 present at all times, during key rush times, we need 10 people.


Microphone Running

Support Tony on stage by getting to participants safely and quickly, so they can interact with Tony. Important – you will be communicating with loggers re: Team #, last name, first name, spell last name articulately and quietly. It is very important to stay out of the camera shot. These are rotating positions, 2-4 hours at a time.

Qualities: strong sensory acuity, persistent, standing by to make sure communication continues and is clear. Make sure the mic is up near participant’s face and they can be heard. Be able to multi-task. Be able to temper own adrenaline rush and again, keep safe.

Physical: Fast, flexible, need to be able to be in the background, not foreground, need to be physically fit. Able to cover ~400 people each and get there in about 4 seconds.

Door Greeters

You set the tone for the day, lift their state, have great energy, look for wrist bands and badges, and are aware of anything that looks suspicious and alert security. You are in charge of crowd control outside the door, and need to keep people a certain distance away from the doors before and during the event. You are the ‘information-booth’ person for many people, so you need to know where everything is – what, where and who can meet their needs.

Once everyone is inside the room, help motivate participants to get back to their seats. When someone is leaving or entering the room, make sure they stop running and do not trample others. You really need to show up on time.

Shifts are approximately 2 hours.

Qualities: Multi-tasker, strong rapport with participants, good eye contact, a sense of humor is a must, sincerity and patience, be a people person, be compassion and have really good sensory acuity.

Physical: Need to stand on feet a long time, have high energy, exude positive energy. Be able to keep hands high and give high fives to all participants walking through the door.


Crew are in charge of operation of the room from the participant’s level. Make sure participants are seated efficiently. For example, at DWD, ushers must know where teams are seated. At UPW ushers fill in spaces in the front of the room first. We assist in getting people in the room, and keeping the energy high in the room. We are the eyes of the production stage. One goal is to minimize visual distractions in the crowd for Tony, while remaining invisible to him.

These distractions may be people leaning against the walls or taking photographs. Ushers make sure people do not get involved in the camera views to provide clear camera shots with minimum distractions. It’s important to keep isles clear by making sure people are not sitting on the floor or standing against walls. In addition to security, medical and production stage, we are an extra set of eyes and ears to make sure participant’s needs are met and their safety and comfort is insured. We assist door-greeters, hand-out personnel, production stage, medical, and security when needed.

Qualities: You need to be able to build great rapport and energy with participants. Flexibility and being willing to help in any capacity to insure the success of the event, very observant, attentive, diligent, high sensory acuity, good communication skills within usher team and with participants. High energy level is preferred.

Physical: Helps to be physically fit and flexible, you need to be able to go through the aisles low to the floor, as well as jumping in the air to keep energy at a maximum level.


Purpose is to capture what Tony says. Tony does review the logs for any new content he may have created, or a particular share. There are three positions:

  1. Syntax – recording times of chunks of content off a syntax sheet, very simple, yet accuracy is important. Time is recorded often so you need to stay focused and on track.
  2. Computer – typing everything that is said by Tony and other presenters and participant shares – prefer 65 + words/minute typing. You must be able to stay focussed on the logging task while listening to Tony. It is your job to get down everything Tony says. Do not add your own language.
  3. Editing – Documents are edited every half day or so, for spelling, typos and formatting.

Loggers work with the Creative department, Production team and Trainers. One benefit is that you absorb the content at a deeper level. Additionally, you get to see the event from a different perspective and learn more about how it is run from behind the scenes. You can see the whole room at a glance.

Shifts are approximately 1 hour.

Qualities: Flexibility, sensory acuity, patience, focus and not be distracted, not go into the content for yourself when Tony is talking, speed, quick decision making ability, typing skills as described above, be organized and efficient.

Physical: Sit for an hour at a time. Take care of your needs – wear appropriate clothing as the room is cold, bring your water bottle and a snack.

Production Support

The Production Office is where a lot of the magic is made, and it’s where the rubber meets the road for orchestrating and executing the details of events. In this fast paced environment full of variety and challenge, great team work, communication and stress management skills are essential. You will assist the Production Team with tasks like document prep and distribution, badge printing and organizing, supply ordering and management, and maintaining the radio check in / check out process. You will also liaise with the Area Runner Captain and the Green Room person on orders. Every event has unique needs that offer the opportunity for quick creative problem solving. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how an event is run or if you’re a seasoned event professional looking for an amazing opportunity to contribute, this is the post for you.

Shifts are approximately 4 hours.

Qualities: This position has a high degree of responsibility. You must show up on time, be organized, able to receive direction AND delegate, confident and committed, big-picture AND detail oriented. And throughout it all you must be able to give the Production Team the certainty they need so they can focus on their tasks.

Physical: Able-bodied, up and down stairs, bending, lifting, and running errands.

Helping Hands

The Helping Hands team works with every department at the event, from communications to brochure handling and placement.  This special team acts as the link between the various teams and participants.  In this role you will get the opportunity to connect, build long lasting relationships, and ultimately impact each other and the participants lives.

Display signs in a specific location for a period of time
Seat drops – passing out informational forms, brochures, other items
Support the booths where needed, ensuring forms are adequately stocked at all times
Smile, hug, high five
Seek out who needs help/assistance
Other duties as requested

Qualities: Must be dependable and punctual, Excellent communication skills – clear, concise, timely responses, Have the “what can I do to help?” attitude, Adaptable to changing circumstances, Exhibit energy and enthusiasm.

Physical: Able-bodied, up and down stairs, bending, lifting, and moving.


Multi-lingual Staff

Registration dealing with issues re: translating some forms, questionnaires, waiver forms, doing customer service and translating for them. Hand out headsets and translate that information, you end up being registrar, state inducer, customer service rep, information booth, and head-set distribution center. You may have to go to team meetings and translate for leader and trainers. If you are in another country, sit near mic runners, and you stand next to participants. You help trainers by translating notes for them during the event that are sent around to all participants. Know and follow systems and rules for registration and handing out headsets. We also translate for people to purchase products and at times, translate for people at the coaching booth.

Qualities: Sensitive to customer needs, compassionate, be able to build rapport with participants, understanding the culture of who you are working with, sensitive to customs and needs, be able to explain what to expect of the translators, patience, flexibility as you are called upon whenever there is an issue with language communication.

Physical: Standing a great deal during registration and dealing with headsets. Long days, as headsets are handed out before the event and collected each day.

Medical Team

The medical team primarily does triage, but does NOT give medical treatment except for minor medical needs such as ice packs. Many medical issues can be correlated to de-hydration. The medical crew on duty carries radio, and answers medical pages from production stage. The Crew captain needs to call local hospital, interact with local hospital and get numbers for triage, ER nursing manager, and maybe the medical director ahead of time to build rapport and to let them know we are here. All medical crew are responsible for walking and knowing the venue, know where oxygen and defibrillators are, exits, phones. Each member carries an information sheet which includes hospital information, taxi numbers, EMT #, and main Emergency Department.

Senior leaders let the medical teams know if there are medical issues they need to be briefed on. There is a medical orientation walking venue; you MUST know where you are to tell EMT or hospitals exactly where you are. Crew follows-up on people who had to leave venue for medical reasons. The mantra for the medical team is to treat for the worse and hope for the best.

Shifts are approximately 4 hours, but you may be asked to be always available.

Qualities: Must be a Doctor, Nurse Practitioner, Physician Assistant, Nurse, EMT, Paramedic, Firefighter, or other credentialed medical professional. Flexibility, compassionate, good to have a calming influence, reassuring to patients, know how to build rapport with participant, be a critical thinker, be able to make rapid assessments and take action and know how to make appropriate referrals. You need the ability to pay attention to details and documentation. You need to integrity be responsible for commitment to shifts.

Physical: Carry radio and medical bag and be available. Most shifts are 4 hours but you may be asked to always be available.

Local Area Runners

Typically, 5 or so people are needed who live in the local area and know the town/city, and have a car. These people could be called upon to run to restaurants or local stores for production staff.

Qualities: Be flexible and available, responsible with money, not take things personally, and know the area and what is available.

Physical: Be quick and efficient. You might have to lift heavy items, if you can not, take someone strong with you.

Things everyone does:

Dancers, handouts, zen room, registration, assist with incantation walk, help get participants back into the room, help keep energy level high and make sure participants are safe and their needs are being met, participate in crew meetings, take care of Self and watching out for other crew members so we are all hydrated, have eaten, slept, basic foundational needs are met, helping load-out at the end of the event. We know who to ask for help when it is needed. Whole crew is basically on security alert and safety is primary.



The Fire Team is responsible for creating the Firewalk for the UPW event as well as ensuring the safety of the entire Firewalk area, including preparing the site, building the fire pit, overseeing the burning of the wood/fire to coals, setting up the fire lanes, servicing the lanes during the walk and cleaning up after the fire walk.

The Fire Team spends most of the day prior to the first day of UPW with the Event Team in the crew room. After the all-Crew training, the Fire Team Captains will pull the Fire Team out of the crew room for a separate meeting. That night the team will go through a safety briefing as well as prepare for the event. The Fire Team will spend the entire first day of UPW outside preparing for the Firewalk that night. At the end of Day 1, the Fire Team cleans up the Firewalk and secures the equipment for the night. The following morning everything is cleaned thoroughly and packed up for the next event.

Starting Day 3 and continuing through the end of the event, the Fire Team members rejoin the Event Team and take on new Crew roles.

There are no physical requirements to be on the Fire Team, however the Firewalk day is long (18+ hours). We expect that you will show up with 100% energy and participation and that you finish the night together with the team.

Once approved for the Fire Team you will receive a message from the captains outlining the basic necessities that you will need to bring to the event. Weather conditions for the event may vary from extreme levels of heat and humidity to constant rain and cold. Regardless of the weather conditions, we need to be ready to do the job so that we can best serve the participants.

The majority of the Fire Team is made up of experienced Fire Team Crew members to best support the event outcomes. A small percentage of new Fire Team Crew can be added at each event. To be considered for the Fire Team, you must first have crewed on the UPW Event Team.

Fire Team Positions

Each Fire Team member will be assigned to one or more positions over the course of the weekend, including:

  • Inventory
  • Wheelbarrow Assembly
  • Water Team
  • Sweepers
  • Sodders
  • Pit Monsters
  • Wheelbarrow Angel
  • Wheelbarrower (during Firewalk)
  • Shoveler (during Firewalk)

You can see Frequently Asked Questions about Crewing, apply to crew an event today, or sign up to learn about future crewing opportunities.