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Rejuvenate your soul, and take the time to reclaim yourself and build up your physical body and energy. Now is the time. What’s more important than your health? Your energy? Your finances? Life & Wealth Mastery is life-changing event that can’t wait. It’s about taking control of your body, your emotions, your relationship, your finances and your life. Without these elements, you have nothing. A truly immersive experience in a magical setting, dedicated to your growth. This is not something you do once in your life, this is no mere getaway – Life & Wealth Mastery is a must!

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Upcoming Events

Life & Wealth Mastery

Fiji | June 2-9, 2017

Life & Wealth Mastery

Fiji | September 22-29, 2017

Life & Wealth Mastery

Fiji | August 4-11, 2017

Life & Wealth Mastery

Fiji | November 3-10, 2017

Life & Wealth Mastery

San Diego | October 20-28, 2017

Life & Wealth Mastery

Noordwijk, Netherlands | June 30-July 8, 2017


Martin (Marty) Pannan

Former Airline Captain

Martin (Marty) Pannan Sharing insights on Life Mastery’s “pure support” and life-enlarging strategies.

Rebecca Wilson

Actress & Singer

Chiropractor, Foster City, California describes how Life Mastery triggered her breakthrough.

Sladana Hidosan

Tour Director

Sharing insights on how Wealth Mastery transformed her financial outlook.