Feeding America

The secret to living is giving. That’s Tony Robbins’ belief when it comes to giving back. In order for us to find our true purpose in life, and a deep sense of fulfillment, we have to look outside ourselves.

If you have the time or resources to give back to a worthwhile cause, why wouldn’t you? There are countless nonprofits around the nation and the world that aim to help those in need. One of those nonprofits is Feeding America, whose mission is to alleviate hunger insecurities across the nation.

What is Feeding America?

Feeding America is a nationwide organization that aims to eliminate food insecurities via helping people or communities that don’t have enough food to live off of. According to Feeding America, there are more than 41 million people in the United States that struggle with hunger. As one of the richest countries in the world, it’s shocking that millions of Americans go hungry each day.

Factors like underemployment, rising costs of living, unmanageable healthcare bills, insufficient minimum wage and other issues like mental or physical handicaps can contribute to a person or family being unable to feed themselves. Those in tough financial situations may be forced between buying food and affording basic items like rent, electricity or paying for medical bills. People like children and seniors may be of greater risk, as they’re less able to fend for themselves.

What Feeding America has found is that hunger doesn’t discriminate. Across every ethnicity and community in the United States, there is someone struggling with hunger. To help with this problem, there are over 200 Feeding America food banks around the country.

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How Feeding America helps combat hunger

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There’s no one set cause of hunger in America, so the task to provide hunger relief to millions of people can be difficult. Feeding America takes a comprehensive approach to the task, the first step of which is providing those in need with access to affiliated food banks and pantries around the nation.

Food banks are nonprofit establishments that collect and distribute food to those in need. A food bank is a reliable place to store food, where it can later be given out by Feeding America representatives. The food banks used by Feeding America range in size and scope, from small, local operations to massive warehouses capable of holding hundreds of pounds of food. Despite the size of each location, each and every Feeding America food bank operates using donations, like time and money, from volunteers and patrons.

Feeding America doesn’t just provide food to those in need. The organization works to alleviate the issue of hunger in America by raising awareness about the issue and advocating for new policies and laws that would reduce the chance of a person, family or community encountering a food shortage.

Tony Robbins’ 100 Million Meals Challenge

Since 2015, Tony Robbins has collaborated with Feeding America, creating the 100 Million Meals Challenge to maximize the number of meals made accessible to those in need.

As a kid, Tony witnessed firsthand what it was like to go without enough food. His family greatly struggled with finances. One Thanksgiving, a man showed up at the Robbins’ door with an uncooked turkey and plenty of delicious sides. Had that man not shown up, Tony and his family would’ve hardly had anything to eat, let alone a full Thanksgiving meal.

The impact of that kind gesture stuck with Tony forever. His aim in working with Feeding America is to provide 1 billion meals for the hungry by 2025. With the Feeding America model, $1 provides 10 meals. As part of the 100 Million Meals Challenge, Tony is matching donations, meaning a $1 donation made by a donor will provide 20 meals for those in need. Tony’s campaign has already helped produce more than 300 million meals.

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What can you do?

Now that you know there are so many Americans out there going hungry, what will you do? How would you feel if some of these people were your friends, family members or neighbors? Chances are, some of them are. The signs of hunger aren’t always apparent, but you can make a big difference today. Choose to donate to Feeding America – even a gift of $20 can go a long way in combating hunger.

If you prefer to donate your time, know that more than half of all the Feeding America pantries, soup kitchens and meal resources rely on the help they receive from volunteers. You can make a huge impact in the lives of people who are struggling in your community today. Contribute to a worthwhile cause and find fulfillment in your own life by giving back.


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