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The second master step for creating lasting change

Create lasting change

Have you ever had trouble motivating a team?
William Smith has. Recently promoted to regional sales director in a struggling department, team morale was in serious decline as lead conversions dropped. William tried new processes, productivity and team building exercises, but yielded little success. The situation seemed hopeless.

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William learned new tools and strategies, directly from the leadership experts — toward his ultimate goal of driving results to save his department and staff. What kicked-off his winning streak was the First Master Step…

Master Step #1: Connect — Understand & Appreciate Their World
•    Understand who you are dealing with and what is shaping them.
•    Appreciate three things about the person: their Six Human Needs, their Model of the World and their beliefs about what has to happen in order to make it all work.
•    Don’t be passive — you must be proactive.

To influence anyone you must first understand what truly drives them; their individual desires, personal values and behavioral styles. Start mastering the skills to achieve incredible results

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