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The Truth About 6 Common Food Myths

How many have you fallen for?

We might be conscious about what we eat, but sometimes we don’t consider the meaning or purpose behind that action. To understand the basis of nutrition, we must first answer a few fundamental questions.

For example, Why do we eat? To energize, to grow and develop, to purify and cleanse, to prevent and fight disease, to nurture our outer beauty, to socialize and enjoy.

Next: Test your knowledge with Dr. Gundry’s six food and weight-loss myths:

myth: Drink three glasses of milk or the  equivalent each day. Orange juice is a great source of vitamins. Whole grains, particularly oatmeal. are heart-healthy. Three square meals a day is the way to go.  Because bananas contain potassium you should eat them if you have heart problems.  Tomato or vegetable juice provides a serving of vegetables in every glass.  Reality: Most adults cannot properly digest milk. Drinking any fruit juice is like drinking liquid sugar. Eating smaller meals or three meals and two snacks help control hunger throughout the day. A ripe banana's starch instantly convers to sugar in your bloodstream, making it the ultimate unhealthy fruit. Tomato-vegetable juice is drowning in sugar.
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