Visualize your goals

Every morning, Tony Robbins engages in a 10-minute priming exercise to channel his energy and create the ideal conditions for a fulfilling day. By taking charge of his mindset and emotions, he cultivates a positive state, which greatly increases the odds that he will experience happiness, success and fulfillment throughout his day.

Contrast this to the other, more popular method of starting one’s morning. Most people silence their alarm a few times, finally roll out of bed an hour late and end up rushing through their mornings. They grab breakfast on their way to work and attempt to eat it before the first meeting. That dash out the door sets the tone for everything that comes after, starting them off a step behind and leaving them struggling to catch up.

Many of us are awake for at least sixteen hours a day. By jumping out of bed and rushing through tasks, we allow life to happen to us instead of creating a vision for how we want our day to look. This opens the door for the negativity of the news, the distraction of social media or even the mental drain of your own negative thoughts to create and control your state. Your life is happening to you, instead of becoming something you can control and design.

Is this really how you want to spend your day – or your life?

Adopting the practice of goal visualization puts control of your morning and your life back into your hands.

Ready to visualize your goals and take productivity to new heights?

Learn the priming method
Why you should visualize your goals

Tony is a true believer in focusing on and nurturing our inner states rather than attempting to control or fix our environment. As he discussed with The Untethered Soul author Michael Singer, when what you experience inside yourself is in alignment with your values and your purpose, outside circumstances don’t matter. When your inner state is at peace, you’re at peace. Things don’t need to always go your way and people don’t need to act in a specific manner to make you happy. When you are truly able to visualize your goals, you’ll be happy within yourself. Rather than focusing on what you get from the world and other people, you’ll be able to give instead.


Promotes productivity

When we become more mindful of our thoughts and feelings, we can begin to question why we feel the way we do about people, places, situations and even ourselves. As we do this, we naturally begin challenging beliefs that are holding us back. As author Byron Katie states in her book A Mind at Home with Itself, “The mind can never be controlled. It can only be questioned, loved and met with understanding.” As we gain a better understanding of our minds, we are more equipped to manage fears and anxieties, and live a life that is free of restraint. This poises us to take on greater challenges.

Visualizing is just another form of focusing your attention on your mind instead of being distracted by the noise around you. When you learn how to visualize your goals and dreams, you can manifest the success and fulfillment you crave. These may appear in the form of a highly successful career, a more loving relationship or even a new, life-changing endeavor. The beauty of goal visualization is that it can be used in any part of your life and at any time to create better results.

Enhances gratitude

Practicing gratitude is a powerful method of opening your mind to all that is good around you. Our minds are wired to fixate on potential trouble and danger in an effort to keep us alive. By doing this, we end up focusing on all that is wrong in our lives. Goal visualization requires you to acknowledge that good things can and will happen to you. 

To better prime your mind to focus on your goals and dreams, open yourself up to gratitude. Take pleasure in the little things, and recognize the good in troubling situations. Is your boss making your life miserable? They’re inspiring you to find a better job. Did you argue with your significant other? They’re inspiring you to improve your communication with them. 

Cultivating gratitude also works with situations we view as good and happy. Did you have a great meal with a friend? It’s so wonderful that they took the time to see you. Have you signed a new client? Your hard work is paying off!

By noticing the good in life and opening yourself up to different ways of thinking, you are showing your mind how to visualize your goals and dreams.


How to visualize your goals and get what you want


Goal visualization is highly customizable, meaning you can use a number of different methods to make it fit with your personality, lifestyle and what resonates best with you. To help get you started, here’s how Tony uses goal visualization in his morning priming exercise to maximize his day:

  • After getting in a comfortable position and focusing on his breathing, Tony practices gratitude for everything that is good in his life. If you’re just starting out, pick three things to focus on, and spend a minute thinking about that memory or goal, and how it has helped guide you toward this exact moment in your life.
  • Once Tony has practiced gratitude, he pictures a colored light coming down and filling his body. He pictures this light healing his thoughts, feelings and body, as well as any problems he’s been experiencing. You don’t need to utilize healing light, by the way; choose whatever type of vision resonates most with you in this part of the practice. Some have envisioned themselves in the embrace of a protective spirit or generated a circle of protective energy around themselves. The important thing is to select the vision that feels right for you. After you’ve allowed the healing, send the energy you’ve just received back to heal and strengthen those you love and care about.
  • After you’ve mastered how to visualize your goals and dreams, use this morning priming time to picture the goals you want to achieve and the changes you want to make in your life. These can be short-term goals you want to accomplish that day or longer-term goals that you are working toward. Visualize these goals as already being accomplished, and celebrate your victory. Attaining your goals will help you feel fulfilled, which will let you make a positive impact on the lives of others.

When learning how to visualize your goals and dreams, it’s vital that you picture them already being accomplished. You’ve purchased the new car, finished the novel or earned a promotion at work. These things are done instead of in progress. Viewing a completed accomplishment is the difference between hoping for something to happen and using goal visualization to actually manifest it.

Goal visualization is one example of the next level of mindfulness. Many practice mindfulness through meditation, utilizing its strengths to deal with anxiety and develop a richer, more peaceful inner and outer life. By learning how to visualize your goals, you aren’t just accelerating your own success and growth – you’re learning how to ease the impact of fear and concern. 

As Michael Singer says, it’s a powerful way to “turn on the energy faucet” and harness the power that we all have within us.

Ready to visualize your goals and take productivity to new heights?

Visualize and actualize your goals and strengths as a business owner by practicing Tony Robbins’ Priming method.