What does fulfillment look like to you? Image of James Altucher & Tony Robbins
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December 20, 2017

What does fulfillment look like to you?

James Altucher & Tony Robbins discuss purpose, hunger and building a beautiful life

How do you define an extraordinary life?

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The answer to this question varies for all of us. Everyone has different perspectives and values. Regardless of your answer, if you want to create a magnificent life, you must master two skills: the science of achievement and the art of fulfillment.

In this episode of the Tony Robbins podcast, Tony talks with James Altucher of The James Altucher Show. Altucher is an American hedge-fund manager, author, podcaster and entrepreneur. He has founded or cofounded over 20 companies and published over 20 books including the Wall Street Journal best-seller, “Choose Yourself.” He runs venture capital funds, hedge funds and angel funds. He knows success but he also knows failure.

In this interview, Tony and James discuss all things money, the tactical investment strategies you can implement to create financial abundance and Tony’s book “Unshakeable.” The strategies they mention are among the most efficient ways to achieve professional success.

They also discuss how money does not equal fulfillment. To achieve true happiness and fulfillment, you have to discover your why.

There is no worse fate than to achieve everything but not be happy. To be truly fulfilled, you’ve got to find something you value more than yourself.

Hedge-fund manager, author, podcaster and entrepreneur James Altucher & Tony Robbins

Author, podcaster and entrepreneur James Altucher & Tony Robbins

Tony and James discuss how important it is to discover your why in life. Without discovering your passion, you will not be able to lead a fulfilling life. This is one of the most important lessons either of them have learned. Whenever someone asks them for life advice, this is often one of the first things they suggest.

Both James and Tony noted that their lives started changing when they started feeding their minds with positive, engaging and thought-provoking materials that encouraged growth. This led them to uncover their why in life and started them on the path to true fulfillment.

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You can do the same. Once you discover your why, take massive action toward achieving your dreams and living the life you want to live. Don’t wait until you have all of the answers. It is okay to fail along the way. This is how you grow, learn and move forward – building a life centered around your why.

Taking risks and living with passion is the only way that you’ll live a fulfilling life while creating a more compelling future for yourself.


[01:10] Introduction
[02:45] James welcomes Tony to the podcast
[03:35] Tony’s leap year birthday
[04:15] Unshakeable delivers the specific facts you need to know
[04:45] What James learned from Unshakeable
[05:25] Most people panic when the stock market drops
[05:45] Getting rid of your fear of investing
[06:15] Last January was the worst opening, but it was a correction
[06:45] You are losing money when you sell on corrections
[06:55] Bear markets come every 5 years on average
[07:10] The greatest opportunity for a millennial
[07:40] Waiting for corrections to invest
[08:05] Warren Buffet’s advice for investors
[08:55] If you miss the top 10 trading days a year…
[09:25] Three different investor scenarios over a 20 year period
[10:40] The best trading days come after the worst
[11:45] Investing in the current world
[12:05] What Clinton and Bush think of the current situation
[12:45] The office is far bigger than the occupant
[13:35] Information helps reduce fear
[14:25] James’s story of the billionaire upset over another’s wealth
[14:45] What money really is
[15:05] The story of Adolphe Merkle
[16:05] The story of Chuck Feeney
[16:55] The importance of the right mindset
[17:15] What fuels Tony
[19:15] Find something you care about more than yourself
[20:25] Make your mission to surround yourself with the right people
[21:25] Suffering made Tony hungry for more
[23:25] By feeding his mind, Tony found strength
[24:15] Great ideas don’t interrupt you, you have to pursue them
[25:05] Never-ending hunger is what matters
[25:25] Richard Branson is the epitome of hunger and drive
[25:40] Hunger is the common denominator
[26:30] What you can do starting right now
[26:55] Success leaves clues
[28:10] What it means to take massive action
[28:30] Taking action commits you to following through
[29:40] If you do nothing you’ll learn nothing
[30:20] There must be an emotional purpose behind what you’re doing
[30:40] How does Tony ignite creativity in his own life
[32:00] “How is not as important as “why”
[32:40] What and why unleash the psyche
[33:25] Breaking the habit of focusing on “how”
[35:50] Deep Practice
[35:10] Your desired outcome will determine your action
[36:00] The difference between “what” and “why”
[37:00] Learning how to chunk and group
[37:40] Don’t mistake movement for achievement
[38:30] Tony doesn’t negotiate with his mind
[39:30] Change your thoughts and change your biochemistry
[40:00] The bad habit of being stressed
[40:40] Beautiful and suffering states
[41:50] The most important decision is to live in a beautiful state no matter what
[42:40] Consciously decide to take yourself out of suffering
[43:40] Focus on appreciation, joy and love
[44:30] Step out of suffering and find the solution
[45:00] Dealing with mercury poisoning
[45:40] Tony’s process for stepping out of suffering
[46:10] Stop identifying with thoughts – they aren’t yours
[47:40] Trade your expectations for appreciation
[50:00] The key to life – gratitude
[51:40] What is freedom for you?
[53:40] Taking the time to feel a sense of fulfillment
[54:10] Money doesn’t change people – it magnifies your true nature
[55:10] Why Bill Clinton called Tony
[57:40] Creating a compelling future

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