Watch Your Language! The Power of Spoken Word Image of Tony & Sage Robbins and Mary B.
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January 14, 2024

Watch Your Language!

The Power of Spoken Word

Welcome to another family edition of The Tony Robbins Podcast. In this intimate conversation, you’ll hear from Tony Robbins, his wife Sage Robbins, and their surrogate and family podcast host, Mary B., as they explore the profound POWER of OUR SPOKEN WORDS. In a world where words carry an invisible but undeniable currency, our emotions and therefore the quality of our lives are sculpted by the meanings embedded in the words we choose.

There’s power and responsibility within the words we attach to our experience of life – whether in the boardroom, family room, or across the airwaves. If you’re feeling “stuck”, “anxiety,” “enraged,” “delighted,” “curious,” or even “depressed,” Tony shows us how to take inventory of the words we consistently use to describe our experience, and how we can consciously select our words to alter our experience of life.

This isn’t your typical self-affirmation exercise; it’s a powerful exploration of incantations, decrees, prayer, conversation, internal dialogue, and a practice that transformed Tony’s life during the challenging times of his early years.

Listen to Tony’s personal testimony as he shares — during despair and uncertainty — how he turned to incantations as a source of strength and transformation. From being broke and sleeping in a Volkswagen to who he is as a leader, husband, and father today, Tony’s incantations have been a constant companion on his 46-year journey of growth, contribution, and impact. As a modern family constellation, Sage, Mary, and Tony also shed light on the transformational vocabulary and the language ratios they work to implement in their home, as well as the contemporary relevance of the power of spoken words, when it comes to the timely topic of freedom of speech and expression. It’s an important reminder that our habitual words hold weight in contributing to the broader dialogue that’s shaping our world and our collective relationship with humanity.

Join us for more than just a chat – it’s a journey into the power of language. Every word carries the ability to shape, transform, and awaken something within you and NOW is the time to harness this power and use it as we move forward into a new year!


[00:00] Mary B. intro
[01:00] Words create and words destroy
[02:35] Free speech, First Amendment, censorship
[03:50] Tony: Meanings are shaped by the words we select
[05:06] T.V. Transformational Vocabulary
[06:44] Have to vs. Get to
[07:20] Julie and John Gottman’s magic 5:1 ratio
[08:30] Take an inventory of your consistent words
[09:25] Awaken the Giant Within: Vocab of Ultimate Success
[10:45] Sage: Self talk and internal dialogue
[13:29] A 2-year-old’s speech
[14:23] Your consistent words are producing your consistent emotions
[15:24] In the beginning was word, and the word was God
[15:49] A relationship is the sum total of its communication
[16:45] Tony on incantations and The Magic of Believing
[17:37] Words are a form of hypnosis
[18:13] Tony & Sage’s wedding vows
[20:48] A life’s purpose statement
[21:33] Ralph Waldo Emerson and the Prayer of St. Francis
[22:30] Sage: Romantic love & the humble position
[23:40] Tony on the most important habits of all
[25:32] If you want to create a new life, choose your words wisely
[25:52] Words put us in trance (and every emotion is a trance)
[26:58] Profound Knowledge: Your words require a habit
[28:20] Tony’s new book: The Holy Grail of Investing
[30:15] SEGMENT 2: Sage on the Language of Love
[33:28] Schism or solution
[36:46] The language of leadership
[38:38] Mary B. on the record/off the record
[39:53] Sage: Don’t give your power away, seek a deeper truth
[42:30] Mary B. on the juicy seduction of gossip
[42:53] Mary B. story about Sage’s dad, “Is that right.”
[44:43] The Bambi principle
[46:15] Where there is darkness, let there be light
[48:02] Mary B. on the energy of our language
[49:34] Sage and Mary B on the story of a flat tire
[51:00] Sage on TR’s ulcer
[54:02] Be impeccable with your word … or at least don’t lie
[55:55] Isaiah
[56:41] Sign off

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