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There is one area of your life that can bring you the greatest joy and excitement — or the deepest sorrow and heartbreak – the area of relationships. Nothing in life compares to the sense of aliveness you feel in a relationship that is on fire.

Relationships are our most intimate connections. They are the place where we dance between what we desire most, and what we fear most. Relationships magnify our existence by intensifying the force of life – our emotions. Have you felt the immense joy and surge of energy that comes when you meet your partner’s needs? That energy flows through into all other areas of your life and affects how you walk into work, the way you approach challenges, and even your physical health.

Tony Robbins’ 10 steps to create the ultimate relationship will help you:

  • Improve your intimate relationship
  • Define what you really want at this stage of your life in all of your key relationships
  • Create better communication with everyone around you
  • Achieve true passion in your relationship
  • Break through your personal barriers by using the 6 Human Needs
  • Strengthen your relationship with your partner, even in times of stress and transition
  • Discover how to close the gap from where you are to where you want to be in your relationship


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You deserve to have a vibrant and fulfilling relationship. Tony and Sage Robbins will coach you through these life changing principles. All we ask is you promise to open the box and actually listen, if you simply commit to doing that, YOU WILL SEE RESULTS. So, make a decision to get the love and passion you deserve. If you start the program and don’t feel like it is working for you, simply contact our Customer Service team within 30 days of purchase at 800-488-6040 to return the Ultimate Relationship program at no cost to you. We’ll even pay for the return shipping on domestic orders! The only risk is inaction!